Dec 29, 2011

2011's Setting Sun

it was in the glamour of the setting sun
colors calming
light enlivening
a year coming to an end

she opened to absorb all the colors of a passing year
spheres of insight rose within and around her
2012 a new beginning 

she will bring her heart fully
as she steps gently 
yet deeply
wings rising
vision flowing
and growing
for peace love and freedom
for all
welcome 2012

this week i am posting for two lovely prompts and ways of sharing
simply to say: 

Lovely New Year to all my art and ethereal blog world friends!
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this Sunday visit: Sunday Sketches for sketches by lovely people

Dec 24, 2011

Ms. Apricot

she closed her eyes
inhaled the frosty air of winter
then opened her eyes wide 
to take in the huge expanse of stars in the dark new moon sky

she had no choice but to be herself
honor the facets of truth as they rose and changed form

for her twin soul was housed in an ice crystal
a crystal that beamed to her a unique light 
as she moved to the left 
or moved to the right in her life
the facets of that light inspired her every move

Tis Christmas Eve Day
and the snow begins to fall
The mail has just arrived!

Jeri Lander had a contest on her blog: Hopalong Hollow Gazette
I won a beautiful Santa in his Sleigh print!
I hope you can see all the charming details, because it overflows with geese, elves, cabins and a fox. 
A gorgeous star and moon sleigh filled with old fashioned toys!

Jeri writes and illustrates gorgeous children's books, 
treat yourself to a visit to her blog!
Thank you Jeri, I love your gift!

Wishing each and everyone of you
a lovely day
and night
today and every breath beyond


Dec 17, 2011

Fashionable Gal

she's a fashionable gal
full of grace and style

moves a bit like deer
uses windows like a mirror

heads do turn
inspiring hearts to burn
in the end we know
that her beauty is more than show

for grace flows
from our hearts to the edges of our light

enjoy other sketches:

I love it when stars fall from the sky
one upon another 
making the world white!

from my heart to yours

Happy Holidays to each of you!


Dec 10, 2011


winter maiden
snowflakes dance
golden hair 
like autumn's grass
tender heart
opens to blue and white
seasons grace may shed some light

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Dec 3, 2011

She Walked the Land

walking the earth
through towns and land
walking stick knew the way
when she held it in her hand
aura in golds
and rusty reds 
she walked the way
of the older clans

I have taken to making small pieces of art. 
 I love how I can begin and complete a piece in the evening. 

to enjoy art by others....

Nov 26, 2011

Enchanted Mushroom

she loved to sit 
in wonder and wait
who lives in this tiny realm 
upon the mushroom
in the forest land
beneath the spiraled whimsical trees
she loved to wonder
and wander

sketch and for my coloring book:

purple mushrooms
with pink stems
really do exist:

visit lovely artists at Sophia's: Sunday Sketches

wishing lovely Lenita
an enchanting new year

happy birthday!

Nov 20, 2011

Pretty in Pink

checks rosy pink
eyes lovely blue
hair like the sunset sky
leaves autumn's hues
pretty in pink
she glows

part way into this piece:

Just made this gorgeous turquoise gemstone and glass bead necklace
and matching bracelet:

Enjoy a visit to Sunday Sketches to enjoy art by others!


Nov 10, 2011

Awesome Sale 20% off!

the swing that hung from the hilltop tree
brought memories of joy

wind on her skin
legs gliding back and forth
to fly higher
yes higher

there was only
the sky
and her 
nothing better

she began the walk up the hill
to greet the swing

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Feel free to spread the word!
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Nov 2, 2011

Gorgeous Art From Beth!

I am sharing an artist friend, Beth Niquette with you!
She is a woman of kind, thoughtful, wise, loving spirit. 

Recently she surprised me by making this stunningly wonderful piece of art:
'Lady Montana' 
She writes:
"Montana - I have loved my Friend Tammie's amazing photography--the glorious mountains, beautiful trees, extraordinary macros of tiny ice crystals and the lovely colors of rocks beneath rippling waters. She is Montana to me."
Thank you Beth, this is such an honor. I love this beautiful piece completely!

We have been visiting each others blogs for a couple of years. 
Getting to know one another through our arts and comments. 
She is a treasure to know!

Treat yourself to a visit to her: art blog
She has many blogs all are wonderful, find her links: Beth's Blogs
Beth's: etsy shop

when Beth sent me the above piece there were also a few ATC's I bought from her etsy shop:
they came with a few extra gifts. 
i love using her book marks, they are in cook books, poetry books and more.
every time I come across one i smile and Send Lady Beth light. 

So do treat yourself to a visit to enjoy Beth's art and spirit.

Thank you Beth!

with love,

Oct 29, 2011

Amarilli A. and Sunday Sketches

on a warm autumn day
i sat at the lake shore
and the above is what I made
now, i am thinking i might make a coloring book 
for children at Christmas

further on:

lake rocks:

Recently I discovered an Italian artist; Amarilli A. 
her art is wonderful and diverse. 
I wandered about her website: Amarilli A.
and her: Facebook page
enjoying her art!

She is having an awesome giveaway on 11.12.11
you have to answer: 
“which work made by me (Amarilli) do you like most and why? “
she will choose the winner of her 'original' art
by the answer she loves.

I love this piece:

her eyes.... hold the magic and wisdom of more than our world
her hair reminds me of my mothers and is feminine and wild all at once
though she sits in a calm graceful way, her tail hints at wildness we can only imagine
Amarilli, all else feels ethereal to me
and full of feeling 
I love how you do this with simplicity of colors

I have to say it was hard picking one piece of art over others
because I am drawn to so many of her arts!

Treat yourself to a visit to Amarilli A.'s website and facebook page and maybe enter 
your give away yourself!


To enjoy others wonderful artists
visit Sophia's Sunday Sketches!

Oct 27, 2011

Autumn Moon

the moon and woman
in silent communion
found deep intimacy
open and gracious

yea, my firewood pile is growing
i'm like a squirrel preparing for winter:
to enjoy paintings by wonderful artists, visit:

Oct 16, 2011


feeling her watery depths
as she blended 
with her world

this is the cover of an art journal I made following:

it was fairly easy and fast to make

art was made with
colored pencils then using a blending marker
and some watercolor paint

Oct 9, 2011

She became a new Season ~

autumn's soft breeze
became a new season

Last night Bill and Rick brought me autumn's harvest from their amazing organic garden.


Your veggies vibrate with life!

thank you !


Oct 1, 2011

Mystic Faery

when one meets
a mystic faery
sitting on an autumn toadstool
one steps from the mundane realm
enlivened by rarefied potential
even air is mystical
nurishing the realm of living
be so lucky
when yea wander
to come upon
this treasured creature

this is where mystic faery came to me

sitting in this wooden chair
enjoying autumn's warm glory
yea, no biting bugs!


the sketch:

I shared two different views above, it is a bit sparkly and I could not portray it accurately,
it is somewhat like the first two photographs.

enjoy sketches from wonderful artists at Sophia's

Sending you light Sophia
today and always

Sep 22, 2011

Peaches and Blue

I am taking Jane Davenport's class Supplies Me

I painted the paper with gesso,
used prismacolor pencil, a blending exercise.
The background is done in inktense sticks and then a water brush taken to it.

some of you may know Abigail

It was her birthday yesterday
we shared a lovely day in Glacier National Park on Lake McDonald

she has always wanted a cuff
so I made this for her

there is something so special about making gifts for people we love

our hearts pour into the gift
filling it with treasures of light and love to bless their lives

I think it might actually be a gift to ourselves to fill gifts with love!

Happy Birthday Abigail!


Sep 11, 2011

Mouse Friend

they are kin


Summer can be full to overflowing in the NW of Montana,
a time to do outdoor things that our long winters do not support.

One thing I have done is help Larry work on his tiny log cabin. 
Staining windows:

 pre-chinking logs:

while he chalked around the corners of logs

so fun to see his cabin come to life!

Aug 10, 2011


life can be so dreamy

ethereal mystical escapade

Jul 28, 2011

Kin with Deer

she dreamt a deer was always near

I watched

Jul 16, 2011

Crowned in Pink

lady crowned in pink
was a fun experience
I learned a new way of painting from Adriana Almanza
I am taking her "Doll Dreams" class
we use two paint brushes
one to put on the color
the other to blend it around
not easy, but layer after layer and I began to get a bit of a feeling for painting this way

so fun to learn new techniques!

I have been on the road
wandering in the Rocky Mountains in Montana and Alberta Canada
summer is a beauty!

This was taken in Many Glacier, Montana
Glacier National Park


to enjoy wonderful sketches by other artists
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Jul 2, 2011

Big Eyed Gal for Sunday Sketches

her eyes beckoned
I leaned in to understand the feeling that permeated
and flowed from those eyes
a feeling so large
that I might succumb 
and be lost eternally to the depths of her view
her essence
my only choice was to step close
as though sliding into a warm pool of aqua water
immersing my soul in her fluid spirit

This is my first big eyed girl, 
I was concerned that I would ruin all the pencil work I had done by adding the eye lashes,
I was so happy that they turned out just fine!
I suppose practice will help me to feel more confident.

I forgot to take a photo while the above art was still a sketch
so that you get an idea
here is another big eyed girl sketch, this is how she began:

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