Sep 27, 2015

Creative Tuesdays: gifting

Tipsy Vin Pixie

A dear friend, Donna, asked me to create a tipsy pixie.
Her husband Vince who is an excellent photographer in L.A.

This little tipsy pixie is a play on his photo name:

Twas was fun watching Donna strike a pose to show me what she envisioned

she sat next to me chatting about what she wanted 
my pencil sketched 
eraser worked

eventually this little pixie came to life.
Lovely fun creating with you Donna!

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this is a gift to Donna
who wanted this as a gift for her husband

so a double gift ;-)
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Sep 25, 2015

Birthday Gift

thinking of my girlfriends birthday
an idea to make this purse

dreamed up a pattern

chose three beautiful fabrics; linen, cotton and silk

used a button Karen Ruane embroidered
did some hand stitching

lined it 
gave it pockets
filled it with love

Happy Birthday Abigail!

Sep 18, 2015

DC: Skin

he wore his bear skin
he found his bear within

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who is hosting 
drawing challenge
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thank you Nadine!

Sep 16, 2015

Autumn headress

flying home from California
enjoying art on the planes

acorns adorn her crown

autumn arrived while i was away:


Sep 11, 2015

DC: Pocket

she had one pocket
in it sat a weary bird
which had journeyed across sea and land

tales from these far off lands
burst from its beak

 melodies the tree sprite had never heard

 being rooted in one spot
her pocket sheltered multitudes
brought her endless gifts

Thank you Veronica
for hosting this weeks DC
theme: pocket

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