Mar 29, 2014

D.C.: Water


it is spring, early spring here in NW Montana
though it still snows
the circles of earth grow larger around trees each day
snow in meadows turn to seasonal creeks
and lakes

snow at night
turns to rain in the day

feeds you and me
trees plants and bees
all life

and circles from air
into earth

even we
are a huge part water
i bow
namaste' to the presence
and spirit of water

at night
i looked out my window
at the tall slender Engleman Spruce trees
lit by the moon
still standing with snow
and this painting came to me
then to be

this week
i have heard and seen our Great Gray owls
and once heard the singing of wolves
in early spring
so much water
in the form of snow, ice, rain, creek and lake
you can see more of my watery photos on my other blog:



Mar 20, 2014

Lovely Equinox to one and All ~

the ink drawing from the previous post
inspired this watercolor
in honor of Spring

on this first day of spring
half way between the shortest day of the year
and the longest day of the year
i woke to fresh snow!
(yes this is home sweet home)

one of my favorite spring
and summer 

Fairy Food

1 serving:
1 cup homemade almond milk
honey or agave to taste
1T + 1t chia seeds
1T. dried fruit - cherries or whatever you like
1T. dry coconut
sprinkle of spice, your choice: cinnamon, ginger, cardamon, vanilla

place in jar with lid and shake
a few minutes later shake well again
place in refrigerator over night
ready to enjoy in the morning

(if you don't shake it well, you will get lumps of gooey chia
seeds. Fairies would never eat that!)

Lovely Spring or Autumn
to one and all!

Mar 17, 2014

Nearing Spring Equinox

I came across a photo someone took of me
at Hearst Castle

this is such a fun dress to wear

usually i make up the characters in my art
not even looking at photos
it was so much easier drawing from this photo

 Sweet Week to you!
Spring Equinox is nearing

Mar 14, 2014

DC : Connections

i enjoyed letting the word: connections
roll around in my mind this week
seeing it in the world around and within me

considering how the sun connects all life
the growth of flowers, trees, you and me

these are aspen trees
or i could say: Tree
they are connected by roots
and they are one tree
some consider a family

Aspens in summer, in Montana

painting inspired by sketch:

you would have to look close
to see all the fairy folk

I had a hard time trying to photograph the watercolor at the top to show the true colors
oh well, close enough


Mar 7, 2014

D.C.: Hair

she wears her hair up under her cap
but those trickster trees
always set it free
 closer look:
i have been wanting to create this for years
trees do this to me regularly
has a tree ever snatched your hat?

Thank you Nadine
for hosting DC this weekend!
theme: hair