Dec 26, 2019

Snowflake Fairy

she cares for the trees
knowing that winter is essential for their well being

her heart is always part of the offering


Nov 28, 2019

Sweet Bird

little birds have become an endearing part of my life

each day I enjoy their presence

there are just a few types that stay with us during the cold of autumn 
and winter

we love their company


Nov 16, 2019

Nov 4, 2019

Feeding Birds

I wanted to draw
picked up a pad
it had her legs, nothing else already sketched on the page
what will those legs become
what are they doing

this is what happened

I don't mean it to be a self portrait
but I am still enjoying feeding the birds!


(photo credit: Abigail)


Oct 19, 2019

Magic of the Woods

One never knows what they will see when they wander in the woods

my computer died....
On my iPad here, I don't seem to make the photos larger
I think you can click on the images to see the magical details larger

( computer up and running, got to make images larger, yay)


For InkTober 

Urdhva Dhanurasana

Oct 6, 2019

Feathered Friend

Surely this was inspired by the forest birds...

A friend took this photo yesterday....
The birds are such a joy to interact with!


Oct 4, 2019

Oct 1, 2019

InkTober Day 1

opening her heart
the breath of life filled her 
stance of ecstasy was all she knew 


I have been drawing the past few days 
before that ...
it was not that I did not have the desire
that I did not have inspiration
both I have had
I just did not sit down to draw for a very long time

I missed art
and it is happy making 
in a tangible quiet way to do so again

Lovely October to you!

Jun 23, 2019

Lovely Summer and Solstice to You!

while awaiting my van being serviced
sitting in the grass and sketching
a tiny leafhopper 
hopped on and we had a wee visit

believe it or not
these two sketches are part of the same piece

Lovly Solstice and Summer to you all!


Jun 11, 2019

Bathing in Lovely Energy

under the full moon

sharing the light
of their spirits

they sit
bathing in the breath of life 

Ah, it feel so good to paint
after a very long break. 
Looking at this piece, offers me, the actual feeling
as though I were sharing energy with a spirit friend. 

I hope you experience a feel good feeling also from this. 


Apr 29, 2019


it is still knit hat weather
17F this morning
ponds had fresh ice on them 

now it is a beautiful sunny day 
the ice is melting away

feels good to sketch and paint
seems I have done so little art this past year


Apr 21, 2019

Lovely Easter to you!

wishing you a lovely Easter Sunday and beyond

some of our first wildflowers
so beautiful
they had me on my knees ;-)


Mar 20, 2019

Sharing Light

crossing the threshold from winter to spring
they honored the moment by sitting.... 
heart to heart
forehead to forehead
in a silent sharing of energy

Equinox blessings to you! 

(Dragons have my attention these days)


Feb 15, 2019

New Paper

recently Lynne Hoppe shared a watercolor paper
made in Italy
100% cotton
that is new to me

I like it
soft and feels very cottony
took the paint wonderfully

(but roughs up if one needs to erase pencil lines,
so I will attempt to not need to erase ;-))

(I am not sure what I think of this little landscape)
 a glimpse of how I organized my paint samples
so handy


Feb 9, 2019

She paints Her world beautiful ~

she paints her world beautiful

her paintbrush much like a witch's broom
a fairie's wand

breathes magic into the stones 
mushrooms and home of her life
as she births them


A while ago I bought a mini palette from Stephanie Law
I found it hard choosing the 37 colors

finally I took all my colors
made swatches
which I could lay out and ponder which one's I use/like most
(a project I wanted to do for choosing colors for paintings)

 I have since placed these color squares in plastic coin sleeves
blues on one page, browns the next and so on
so nice and orderly ;-)

amazing how even doing these squares satisfied my art craving

the palette is shy of 3" across
I used it on this painting
I was delighted that it worked quite well

it will be wonderful for hikes and traveling


Jan 16, 2019


a peaceful quiet life

most years I do a little bear painting

often of a bear
wandering the land
eating flowers
 (because they do eat flowers, so do I)

I think also there is something about:
life in balance in these scenes
because nature seems to know "life in balance" naturally

wishing you a day that feels 'in balance'