Nov 26, 2011

Enchanted Mushroom

she loved to sit 
in wonder and wait
who lives in this tiny realm 
upon the mushroom
in the forest land
beneath the spiraled whimsical trees
she loved to wonder
and wander

sketch and for my coloring book:

purple mushrooms
with pink stems
really do exist:

visit lovely artists at Sophia's: Sunday Sketches

wishing lovely Lenita
an enchanting new year

happy birthday!

Nov 20, 2011

Pretty in Pink

checks rosy pink
eyes lovely blue
hair like the sunset sky
leaves autumn's hues
pretty in pink
she glows

part way into this piece:

Just made this gorgeous turquoise gemstone and glass bead necklace
and matching bracelet:

Enjoy a visit to Sunday Sketches to enjoy art by others!


Nov 10, 2011

Awesome Sale 20% off!

the swing that hung from the hilltop tree
brought memories of joy

wind on her skin
legs gliding back and forth
to fly higher
yes higher

there was only
the sky
and her 
nothing better

she began the walk up the hill
to greet the swing

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Nov 2, 2011

Gorgeous Art From Beth!

I am sharing an artist friend, Beth Niquette with you!
She is a woman of kind, thoughtful, wise, loving spirit. 

Recently she surprised me by making this stunningly wonderful piece of art:
'Lady Montana' 
She writes:
"Montana - I have loved my Friend Tammie's amazing photography--the glorious mountains, beautiful trees, extraordinary macros of tiny ice crystals and the lovely colors of rocks beneath rippling waters. She is Montana to me."
Thank you Beth, this is such an honor. I love this beautiful piece completely!

We have been visiting each others blogs for a couple of years. 
Getting to know one another through our arts and comments. 
She is a treasure to know!

Treat yourself to a visit to her: art blog
She has many blogs all are wonderful, find her links: Beth's Blogs
Beth's: etsy shop

when Beth sent me the above piece there were also a few ATC's I bought from her etsy shop:
they came with a few extra gifts. 
i love using her book marks, they are in cook books, poetry books and more.
every time I come across one i smile and Send Lady Beth light. 

So do treat yourself to a visit to enjoy Beth's art and spirit.

Thank you Beth!

with love,