Jan 30, 2015

DC: The Unexpected

the unexpected:

against our gray day
earth cloaked in old snow
starting to tarnish with age
a new joyous song filling the air
i spied RED
unexpected in our usual wintry mix
of birds

the pine grosbeak

ink stage
before painting:

our DC host this week is lovely Joke
her prompt is: the Unexpected
visit her blog this weekend to see artful postings for
the unexpected

thank you for hosting Joke!

Jan 21, 2015

sketching with an ink pen
fun to create fungi characters

brought them to life with watercolors
was a joy
to create

for sale: here

twas an ice crystal morning:

I love it when ice crystals grow
clothing our woods and meadows in lacy ice


Jan 17, 2015

DC: Toast, Mountain Lion

in a dream last week 
there was a mountain lion in my forest
with the inspiration: toast

one meaning for 'toast':
a person or thing held in high regard by a particular group

surely the beings of the forest hold a lion in this fashion
high regard
I know that i do

she is the toast of the meadows
the woods

known for prowess
she strolls with a goddess
in balance with the land

to see others expression of Toast


Jan 13, 2015


this is my dear friend Lucy
her human is Terence
Terence gave me a conk to paint on
(conks grown on trees)

one day it occurred to me to paint his beloved Lucy on the conk
original inspiration, she often walks and sits on logs:

 even on cold snowy days she loves to be outside
winter being her favorite season
(she is part husky)
that is why there are snowflakes in the painting

it was fun to seek to portray a real being in a painting
as i usually make them up

Jan 9, 2015

DC Match Box

mystical drawers

divining a message
for you

which drawer
or color will you choose?

FOR FUN, stop here


1. red drawer

2. purple drawer

3. blue drawer

4. gold drawer

5. pink drawer

 6. turquoise green

7. apricot pink

i hope you had fun with the magical match box drawers
and their messages for you
was your message meaningful
or fun?

this weeks drawing challenge is by Eric
thank you for the fun inspiration Eric

visit Eric's blog to find other people creating art with Match Boxes


Jan 3, 2015