Feb 29, 2016

Nearing the End of 29 Faces

she listened
let the music touch her
the the song
change her heart


I have one more face to go
hoping to share it tomorrow

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Feb 28, 2016

Face 27 of 29

 a few years ago, my dear friend Abigail and I got together to do art
this piece started then and was finished today

we took heavy paper and put some sort of heavy paste on it and pressed burlap and bubble wrap into it for fun and texture

carved words and sketched a loose face with a stick
after it dried i believe we put a wash of dark ink or paint that would go into the grooves, i chose purple

 then played with oil pastels
feels good to complete it

I had to photograph it outside
(leaning against a grinding stone, surrounded by a wasp nest, piece of bird egg, colorful Montana Rocks)
did not want the oil pastels on the scanner


Feb 26, 2016

29 Faces: lavender eyes

lavender eyes

humans have brown, blue, green, gold
i wonder why not 

maybe in the fairy realm


for 29 Faces


Feb 24, 2016

Feb 23, 2016

29 Faces

to the light

I have been enjoying adding to this chart
i start with one color as rich and pure as i can get it
make the first square
then dipping my brush in a tiny bit of water and if need be, 
more color 
make the second square and so on
diluting each square

i was surprised 
to find that many of the colors when quite diluted 
become a color that can be used for skin

these are all Daniel Smith Watercolors
I love their paints

this little face 
does not excite me
but it is fun to see that i used mostly the same color on her
Quinacridone Sienna 

i love how diverse one color can be!
face 22 and 23 

Feb 22, 2016

29 Faces: #21 Lucky Charm

this little yogini fairy
has a message for you:

Let Me Be Your Lucky Charm

I am posting this early for St. Patrick's Day

I think a man or a woman could give it to one another.
You could write:
Let me be your lucky charm
Will you be my lucky charm

even though this is more than a face
this is my face 21 for 29 Faces

Feb 19, 2016

DC: Cocoon

that our bodies
are a cocoon
a sacred nest
for our heart
a protective

safe haven
for our hearts to flourish 

i know
our hearts are but one of our physical organs
that live in our cocoon
our hearts
are also spiritually wise and a link to more
than our physical existence

our bodies a cocoon
for our sacred heart


thank you dear  Patrice for hosting us
with an inspiring theme:

this is also my 20th face for 29 faces
even though it is a partial face

Feb 18, 2016

face 19 for 29 Faces

little elf


face 17 and 18 for 29 faces

tiny faces
(about one inch)
plenty of detail

sometimes less detail is best for little faces
but i can not help myself

for Dori
I have added a photo in the original size


Feb 16, 2016

Face 15 & 16 for 29 Faces

I have been doing a good deal of  29 Faces in two sketchbooks that do not support
watercolor in a grand way
i am getting away with it
yet paper becomes wobbly as i add layers of color

it is all a lot of practice
so wobbles are ok

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Feb 12, 2016

DC: love & 29 Faces

i offer you my heart
my love

the high art
is all about heart
bringing love
to as much as possible
another memory of love
from last summer:


DC this week is hosted by:
Melodye Shore
her choice:
thank you Melodye!

plus i am doing a face a day 
in February


29 Faces


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participants art


Feb 10, 2016

Face 10 for 29 Faces

her name is Violet
light speaks to her
because she listens

it tells her
mesmerizing tales

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Feb 9, 2016

Feb 6, 2016

DC: sixes and sevens & 29 Faces

when her feelings and life were in 
chaotic and confused

she would wrap her hearts wings around her

bathing in their healing way
letting the troubles melt away
finding her way back
to the center of her vitality

spent a lot of time this week 
attempting to understand our DC,
sixes and sevens

thought of lost things, such as keys and glasses,
too much to do

created sketches

then this idea rose out of real life
and took hold

Thank you nadine

for hosting us!


Feb 4, 2016

29 Faces, day 4

I am enjoying 
a face a day


thankyou 29 Faces
for the inspiration
this mornings ice crystals:



Feb 3, 2016

Feb 2, 2016

CT: Box of Chocolates

I was once given a box of chocolates made by Teuscher
oh yum - they are so very good! 

the box was a jester 
and his body was full of 
champagne truffles!
such unique packaging!

I always wanted to paint the container
was the perfect inspiration to do so!