Feb 25, 2012


 magic potions for life
inspires life in balance
magic potions for life

these are two of my evening sketches....
i have to come up for a name...
"evening meditations"
for they bring me present, with very little thought of anything else

inspire peace, because i love drawing and painting

ignite a vital flame that lives within my spirit

yes, my evening sketches will be known as

Evening Meditations
(which can be done anytime, day or night)


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Feb 22, 2012

Embroidery and Beaded Earrings

I love Karen Ruane's wonderful embroidery and stitching arts!
The cloth above she breathed life into for her daughter.

Sometimes she even stitches on paper:

recently I won two of her buttons in a give away on her blog.
They arrived today and are quite elegant and beautiful
thank you Karen xo:

treat yourself to a visit to her Etsy Shop
and Blog
or join her Online Classes!

I thought I would share with your one of my other arts.... 
beaded jewelry.
This will be the last pair I make like this
a rare delight:

 close up:

for sale here:


lovely day and beyond to you
and yours

Feb 18, 2012


once upon a time
when my son was but a wee lad
(he be a man now)
a girlfriend captured this photograph of us
I wish Jesper's head was fully portrayed (in the photo)

I used this photo because I was practicing profiles

I created two pieces
because the pink one was not making me happy
so began the blue one

as I worked back and forth on the two
I was happy with both in the end


not that they are exactly like the photo
I think with my birthday on Monday
there was something special in creating my first self portrait

having a child is a HUGE experience
it is one of the bigger adventures in my life

a meaningful contemplation through art 
especially near my birthday


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both my brother and sister think I gave us measles
instead of freckles.... so no worries if you think that too ;-)

Feb 11, 2012

Hairstick and Bun

i slide into a realm 
of joy and contentment
when i sketch whatever face
wants to appear on my page

some days are full of learning new techniques 
and how to draw bodies (like in my last post)
they are challenging
so in between
I draw a face, a lovely spirit
like this gal who wears her hair in a bun

to enjoy other wonderful artists art


are there things you draw that nurture you?

Feb 9, 2012

Modern Angel

angel for a modern world
her heart and hand on the pulse
of what is tender and real
our tears touch her 
she holds space
reminding us
that love thrives beneath the surface

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