Feb 28, 2015

DC: Birthday Cake

she made a magical cake hoping to inspire the company of
the birthday fairy

had heard the breeze tell the trees
of a fairy that dances for cake

she believed with all her heart
like a wish
from end to start

upon opening her sweet eyes
a fairy landed upon her hand
and danced and danced
a spell of charm

i wish i had photos
of the beautiful cakes my mother use to make
they were a thing of whimsy and celebration
they inspired awe and amazement

Dear Katrin of Fische Frauen
chose our Drawing Challenge:

these are my last two faces for February's 

thank you Fische and Ayala art for hosting these wonderful events!
not sure why blogger is making this image antique and dark
this is on white paper and bright

Feb 26, 2015

Face 26 & 27 of 29 Faces

my my
February's month of faces is nearing it's end

it has been a good challenge
lots of practice


there are two more faces to go

in the meantime thank you to Martha of Ayala's art for hosting


Feb 23, 2015

#23 of 29 Faces

she rose from the Sleeping Beauty mountains
mountains where veins of turquoise thrive
no longer asleep
with a crystal at her third eye

the splash to the far left
is a drop of red wine
so i splashed some more
such a pretty color!

to enjoy faces from around the world


Feb 21, 2015

DC: veins and face 21 of 29

 her green hair
like moss and leaves

sunlight and shade
presenting leaves veins

raindrops enhance the veins of this leaf

frost presents the glorious veins of these:

Thank you Veronica for hosting DC
with the interesting theme of: veins

to enjoy others faces:

Feb 19, 2015

Birthday Girl #20

 my dear friend Royal sent me the photo below
ice cloaked pines
which inspired the piece above
can you see the influence?

like so many people
Royal and I love owls, thus the owl
we are both February born
so i call this birthday girl

plus today, 2.20  is my birthday


Carrot Top #19

sunrise and sunset
colored her hair
the other night:


29 Faces for Faces created around the world


Feb 17, 2015

Face 17 of 29 Faces

he gazed down at his world
with love in his heart
simply observing

i found this conk on a dead tree 
i have never seen one in this shape
so fun!

for faces from others around the world


Feb 15, 2015

Two Faces for 29 Faces

very different faces
above playing with different colors for skin and light
just having fun

it has been so long
since i used only pencils

today the sun came out
i drove to Glacier National Park
two trees, two faces
nature's beauty 

faces 15 & 16 for 


Feb 13, 2015

DC: Aqua & face 14

it is her aqua aura 
that supported her chosen path

energy of a healers stance
breath of alpine waters
presence of serenity
wisdom of the ancients


long ago i took a thin sheet of wax
carved these heart-full pieces
cast them in sterling silver

i had strung them in pearls
but tired of that
and this weeks aqua inspired a new expression:
blue quartz, chalcedony, aqua marine and chrysophase

this is how it was for the first 20 years:


thank you Veronica for hosting DC!

her inspiration for us: 


thank you Alaya for inspiring a month of faces:
 29 faces


Feb 12, 2015

29 Faces #13

let's celebrate love today
I know Valentine's is the 14th
but every day is worthy of love!

this is how this piece began:

then i painted over it with watercolors

visit 29 Faces
to enjoy other peoples art


Feb 11, 2015

29 Faces #12

hearts are appearing
in my art and below in a pin i made for my mom
for Valentine's

she already recieved it
so I can show it to you

to see more faces


Feb 10, 2015

29 Faces #11 Green Man and Tiny Bear

green man
my first time to draw him
i look forward to many more interpreations

 sharing with 29 Faces

a tiny bear:


Feb 9, 2015

29 Faces #10

love how committing to art each day
creates a rhythm
a building of energy
perhaps like a snowball rolling down a snowy hill


enjoy other faces:


Feb 8, 2015

29 Faces #9

today i found some ice formations 
that i have never seen:

i love that ice continually surprises me with it's unique expressions!

see more faces at :


Feb 7, 2015

Feb 5, 2015

29 Faces; #6

in my tiny sketchbook
i coated the page with gesso
watercolor acted differently
did not sink into the paper
had to wait longer for things to dry
in the end i still enjoyed the surface

a glimpse of the pages in the book

i am


29 Faces #5

another small face 
in the
Perfect Sketchbook

face for 29 faces
find more wonderful faces here:


Feb 3, 2015

29 Faces #4

she wears a ringlet of pink tourmaline
inspiring serenity 
all actions rising from the heart

at this moment

the full moon rises over the mountains
above the forest
turning the dark of night
into a snowy realm kissed by moonlight

thus is the power of a February full moon

4th face for 29 faces
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Feb 2, 2015

Little Mermaid, face 3

 this face and yesterdays were done in a tiny (3.5x5 inches) sketchbook
it was a Kickstarter project that was funded

it is called:
The Perfect Sketchbook

tiny faces are usually quite challenging for me
so a tiny book is good practice

a tiny mermaid

to enjoy faces by other artists

Feb 1, 2015

29 Faces, day 2

lady snowflake

snowflakes on my windshield:

creating faces all February

29 Faces, day 1

crown of candles
to light ending winter days
  in honor of Imbolc tomorrow:

Gaelic festival marking the beginning of spring.

well maybe if you are in California it feels like spring
but here in Montana i have snowflakes falling, 
landing on my frozen creek:

looking forward to sharing with all of you
and seeing your faces
thank you Alaya for being our lovely host!