Oct 29, 2012

Swinging to Her Own Tune

there's a witch hanging from the moon

sitting on her broom

swinging swaying to her own tune

looking down on the earth

across the universe

she spies a bird in flight

is filled with delight

noting that is

another way to fly

across the sky
walking in the forest
the other day
i looked up to see this
Great Grey Owl
looking into my eyes

Wishing you a wonderful 

As an added treat, Amalia of Pencils and Fireflies
has a wonderful post:

Artist Sketchbooks Show and Tell

I am honored to be one of the artists
treat your self and visit Amalia's beautiful blog!


Oct 25, 2012

Autumn Sketches

tis an autumn joy
to catch falling leaves
i hear that inversion postures
boost our immune system
good with all the colds and flues going around!

I am having so much fun creating ink pen sketches 
in my lovely sketchbook!

Oct 20, 2012

Marta's Sketch Book

our realm of blogging
on line classes
we meet people
whom we have never met
in person
yet become part of our hearts 

one day i received this gorgeous journal in the mail
from my dear friend Marta
she is a magical artist
and woman of heart and care

i feel honored to call her my friend

i decided to make this a pen sketch book
no pencil
no paint
no erasing 
for the pens i use are permanant

the above was done with a dip pen

eating at Loula's cafe
trying to note details of a woman across from me
without disturbing her meal and privacy
NOT easy!
this actually looks a bit like her

Diamonds (above)
was done as the sun set... into Stillwater Lake:

I love doing art outside
During summer, mosquitoes get in the way
winter; freezing temps

Swirly (above)
is an imaginary being

being of the branches
and the wee fairy kin
are imaginary friends

Thank you for taking a peak at my sketch book

thank you Marta for such a lovely surprise and gift!


Oct 18, 2012

Accepting Life

yes tears
are a part of life
deep feelings flow 
like the vast ocean
tears of joy
tears of sadness
of being with what is
this piece was made by sketching with Tombow markers 
then taking a wet brush to it
then laying on more markers
 then more wet brush
then in the end a wee bit of prismacolor pencils 
sharing another glimpse of Italy:
sharing with Paint Party Friday

Oct 16, 2012

Tombow Markers

recently i found the artist:
she has just released a new book that looks wonderful:

she has been sharing various artists on her blog in celebration of her book
she has also shared wonderful 'how to' tutorials!

i did the piece above from her:

so much fun!
then i decided to do another 

one of my girls:

tombow markers are water based
so after making a sketch

simply take a wet brush to it!  

treat yourself to a tour of her blog
she is charming
and generous with tutorials
maybe you will even be inspired to purchase her new book!

Oct 13, 2012

Cloud Art

what to draw
what to paint
look to the sky and clouds
there is a shape
and so this animal came to be
shaped like a cloud that was over me
sketched with a water-brush filled with sumi ink
colored with watercolors
along a lake:

this is where i found inspiration for the animal:
 you would have to turn the image on it's side to see it

Oct 8, 2012

Wish You Happiness

within his mind
mostly one thought
to wish you 
and you
and you
in the deepest sense
on a soul level
within the air you breath
the thoughts that rise
the way you walk
and dance 
and talk
and all he did
was to imbue:
wish you happiness 
in you 
and you
and you

Oct 6, 2012


he is a young genie
more sure of himself than is wise
 his determination for adoration
pushed him
revealing his weaknesses
bruising his pride

this began as a sketch 
in a wee book (5.5"x7")
page coated in Casein white paint

then i smeared oil pastels here and there
and rubbed
added watercolors
straight from the tube
i thought i was done here:

nope, final it the top image

not until i took this photo did i read the words
of this page
perhaps it would be good to read this beautiful book
before i cover it with art!

sharing with Sophia's:

Oct 4, 2012

Kindling Box

readying for winter
filling my wooden box with kindling
thinking it would be nice to paint it

sitting under the autumn sun
enjoying creating art outsie
now my box has a painting on it!
today is the first day it is cold enough to use 
the kindling in this box
to start a fire
a new season has begun!

sharing this with Paint Party Friday