Feb 27, 2011

Guest Artist and Friend

My dear friend Abigail Folk celebrated my birthday with me last week

there were flowers
heartfelt conversation
and a gift
of this wonderful painting she made, for me

my companion word for this year is 'listen'
and she included it
over the heart
it is a wonderful word to learn from

gift yourself with a visit to her blog; Rusted Wings  
and her etsy shop: Rusted Wings Gallery

friendships are a treasured gift
and we have enjoyed sharing with one another for over 30 years!
a heartfelt thank you Abigail!

I have to say, I had a wonderful time celebrating
with many friends 
over many days last week!

My heart leans to all of you
for celebrating and sharing life with me!

This week I am working on a mermaid piece of art:

 I have transferred this to wood
and am in the midst of painting it
hoping to share the finished piece with you
in the next couple of days


Usually today is Sunday Sketches
but her father is not well
so let us all send light and prayers to her and her father
and family. 


Feb 19, 2011

Angels and Prayer

we call to them
in the form of prayer
their spirits lay on top of ours
even permeating

some times it's hard to tell who is who
simply the nature
of how they imbue
us with their answer
we call to them
in the form of prayer


This was an interesting piece that I did for my class at Willowing

the theme was angel
we were to draw and paint the angel
then cut the angel out of the page

create a background on a separate paper
and layer them
adhering them together

I had one heck of a time coming up with a background I liked

This is what the cut out angel looked like:

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to enjoy wonderful art
or even join us with your own sketch!

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thank you Sandra for the prompt: top


I am happy to announce that I have added small affordable prints of my 
art and photography to both my etsy shops

art: Beauty Flows
photography: Spirithelpers 
yea, new items!

Feb 17, 2011

My OWOH give away Winners!

We have come to the end of Lisa Swiftka's 

876 blogs from around the world participated!! 

It has been a lovely time of meeting, greeting and visiting.
Now to announce the two winners for Beauty Flows:



My angel painting above is part done,
I hope to share it completed this weekend.
It has been one of those pieces that has taken time
learning can be like that!


I hope you are enjoying a wonderful week. 
As I write this I can hear a lone wolf calling off in the meadow...


Feb 12, 2011

Go Slow

her spirit told her
go slow

in doing so the world became
vital and exquisite

she left a shimmering trail as she wandered through life

for eons people followed
her incandescent paths
they found wonders they never knew
gems amongst wee tiny flowers
bugs that flew
shrooms that grew

a leisurely pace
reveals treasures

this all began with a sketch:

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Feb 5, 2011

Sketch to Drawing to Painting

I am taking a art class with Tam at Willowing
this is my first assignment

I began with a sketch
but had to bring it to life with prismacolor pencils:

Then back to the sketch to make the painting

This is the largest piece I have made, 15" x 22"

she got changed a bit:

and the owl
are kin
they are kin to the air and the wind
they are kin to trees
as well as flowers and bees
they are kin
 to life within

the assignment was for canvas
i had watercolor paper, so I used it

I think I will make a 3rd piece on canvas.....
I am finding it a good experience to do something similar over and over

I used watercolor pencils and crayons for her face
and her dress,
acrylics for the rest

the assignment was: a goddess with the artist Klimt as an inspiration
I found inspiration in two pieces:


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