Mar 30, 2013

The Unfolding of a Drawing

first there is a feeling
an idea
an inner image
sometimes the shape of a face
the width of her eyes
or perhaps the thought of a walking stick

then a sketch begins to come to life

another wanderer
with her walking stick
protective hat
and energy auras that travel with her
offering insight
and kinship
she walks in the ways of the elders
(sorry the final image is blurry)

asked if any of her readers would like a cloth bookmark
made by her

yes, i said
look what arrived in the mail:

  it looks even more wonderful in person!
my tai chi teacher once gave me feedback:
look up

Thank you Annie!   


Mar 23, 2013

Bear Totem

while staying in a beautiful wee cabin in the wilds of Montana
thoughts as to whether the bears are wandering about yet
or still cuddled in hibernation
 inspired this pen sketch
(read the last post to hear more of my time in the Northfork)

sometimes the mail man brings surprise treasures!
  have you met Trish, Soul Soup Sister?
she is a lovely woman
who shares heartfelt things

we know one another through blogging.... 
but never in person
to my surprise this beautiful handmade gift arrived in the mail
gloves for an artists hands!! 
plus organic tea ;-)

thank you Trish
such a magical surprise
you have touched my heart
inspired a smile

sharing with Sunday Sketches  

Mar 21, 2013


Winter into Spring
her friends say
wake up Sleeping Beauty
spring is here
let's play

I went to the wilderness (NW Montana) for the last day of winter
the first day of Spring

here we do not have green grass and flowers yet
but the snow melts daily
then snows  again
then rains again
a slow awakening
but we do see signs of life waking up from a long winter nap
the days are longer
equal to the nights

i stayed in a tiny 
beautiful log cabin
made by a friend and many of his friends

no running water
no electricity
but it does have a wonderful wood stove

this is my sketch of it

it turned out to be a silent retreat
simply because i did not see anybody

i felt as though time slowed down
with no electricity

my days were full of skiing along the river
walking in Glacier National Park
drawing and painting
simple eating
and of course
tending the fire

it was a beautiful way to say farewell to Winter
and a warm hello to Spring

wishing each of you a lovely Spring


Mar 7, 2013

With Butterfly

she always
travels with her winged friend

I highly recommend a visit to Debra Anne's blog:
Gipsy in the Parlour

she shares wonderful things
home made
amazing drinks
the good things of life!
plus she is having a wonderful giveaway! 
hours later i am adding this photo to this post
it snowed during the night!