Jun 27, 2017

Scribble Picnic: Fox

needs to touch her inner stillness
from time to time


Sharing with Michael's:

a few nights ago
I woke to the screaming calls of two fox in the woods
their sounds are quite unique

somehow it inspired a feeling of all is right in the world

Jun 19, 2017

Summer Solstice

Summer Solstice:

for 6 months the light of each day grew longer
inspiring the growth of all
 in her land
flowers, trees, fungi, animals and insects

as we
enter the season of summer
fresh food will be plenty
new flowers will grow
nature thrives
days begin to shorten

in her land 
it is a time to be outside
sharing with loved ones 
finding awe in the glory of the world

Lovely Solstice to you



Jun 8, 2017

TIny Bear

Little bear and giant bolete are best of friends
Their guardian fairy hovers in magical form
A trinity of goodness

this was inspired by a photo my friends 
trail camera captured of a grizzly bear recently:


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