Jan 30, 2011

One World One Heart Event & Give Away!

Welcome to the 5th and final year of
Lisa Swiftka's

 this is a lovely opportunity
to visit artful blogs 
around the world

to enjoy what is shared in the world of blogging

to be inspired and to inspire

 to enter give aways
and perhaps win lovely gifts:

 I began this blog March 2010
that is when I began learning to draw
I knew that having the support of other artists
would enrich my experience 

My artists friends touch my heart, 
share insightful wisdom and information
are a lovely muse for my art,
Yea and thank you one and all!

I am giving away gifts to TWO lucky winners!
I want you to win something that you will enjoy
so you will have your choice of: 

a set of 5 of my art greeting cards
(such as images above and more)


one of my hand beaded bracelets
made of tiny glass beads and gemstones
(your choice of colors)


LEAVE a comment on THIS and only 'this' post and you will be entered in my Beauty Flows
give away

winners will be announced February 17th 2011
Heart felt thanks to our lovely host of
A Whimsical Bohemian

click on the above link to join in the fun
or to visit all the blogs and give aways!


Sunday Sketches

Greetings dear art friends,

this week i cleaned out my ink pen
got the ink flowing
and challenged myself to sketch

 this means
no pencil
no erasing
living with each and every line
living with what is

I enjoyed imagining
each line on the paper
before I ever let the pen begin

Sunday Night begins the 
I would love it if you would visit my post, by clicking on this link: OWOH

(and to see my latest piece of art ;-} )

Please join us at Sophia's Sunday Sketches
to share your art
and/or to enjoy the art of my artist friends!

Jan 23, 2011

Heart, the Natural Art

live with heart
the natural art
feel alive
and akin

as Valentine's day approaches
I find myself wanting to let the human heart
the universal and divine heart
influence my art

I forgot to take a scan of my original sketch, 
still I share this for:
Sophia's  Sunday Sketches

Jan 18, 2011



this heartful lady is my first nudie cutie

I finished her before the piece in the last post.....
I look at her and wish I could change her face,
but decided to share her anyway. 
She has a slinky body like the fisher I saw a week ago.
Will any of you be participating in the upcoming 


It starts January 30th 
this will be the 5th and last year. 

It is a wonderful way to meet lots of lovely people
from all over the world!

Jan 15, 2011

She Says

fly to the light
she says

sun light
star light
inner light

let it fill each cell
of your body

bathe in it's glory

then exhale this light
with every breath
into our lovely world

nourish and be nourished
in this intimate exchange
with light

Our days have been gray and rainy
funny thing, no sunlight
so I had to scan this and you can not tell that it is shimmery paint

On Sunday treat yourself and visit Sophia's
where artist share their sketches
or even join us!

Jan 9, 2011

Born as Two, Spirit of One

 in her spirit
lives a wolf
keenly in tune
with the tapestry of life
willing to share
with those experiencing strife
born as two
yet spirit of one
sharing silver hearts
as they wander wild parts
of our land

to enjoy sketches from wonderful artists... 

following tracks in the woods
I stirred up a mammal, that is new to me
we think it is a mink:

so fun to see!

Jan 1, 2011

Listening ~

 listening to the spirit
that lies beneath

allowing it's languid and lively presence
to permeate awareness
as well as stance

grace rises
within each breath

each step becoming vital 
a true place to allow life
to rise from

abiding in a heart of tender knowing

deep peace


As we enter 2011
I wish you a year that feels wonderful to you

may you have courage to honor your dreams
your highest truth

I feel thankful for your kind friendship 
the ways you have shared with me
the ways we grow and learn together

thank you all for sharing 2010 with me
I look forward to a lovely 2011 with each and every one of you

with heartfelt warmth, 

Please visit Sofia's Sunday Sketches 
to enjoy the art 
of my artist friends!