Jun 26, 2011


 while visiting an in between realm
a space between eyes open
and eyes closed
I met him, the Genie
he grants wishes

lovely lady he did say
your wish of wishes is granted today
open your heart
to the light of high arts
your dreams shall manifest

Enjoy Sunday Sketches


Jun 23, 2011

Paint Party Friday ~

in the evenings
wanting to do art 
without much thinking
I sketch swiftly
color with watercolor pencils
(loving Derwent Inktense for their vibrant colors)
and quickly brush with water
fun fast(er)
inspiring a looseness in my art, i think

perhaps it is simply fun
but also somehow nurturing
because I loose myself in the moment
a sort of meditation

these three are what I share for PPF
please join us or visit us to enjoy wonderful paintings!

also, it is my pleasure to share Amaila K!
Most likely many of you know Amaila, her gorgeous mystically charming art
and her generous sharing heart. 

Recently I ordered dreamy beautiful art from her, 
she was including an amazing gift of a tiny painting for anyone who bought from her store, an ACEO.

The package arrived and was filled with her magic
in the form of art:

Treat yourself by visiting her blog: Translucent Blue
Her Webstore: The Wish Forest

Maybe you too would enjoy purchasing one of her gorgeous pieces!
Thank you Amalia!


Jun 18, 2011


sacred essential
solid as mountains
varied as water air earth fire
alliance of understanding
support encouragement raw love
brave support
with out girlfriends
with out mountains
life would wobble
I love my girlfriends
thank you for being my girlfriends

treat yourself to a visit to Sunday Sketches
or even join us with your own art!

Jun 12, 2011

Sunday Sketches

extra paint on the palette
oh dear
extra paint on the palette
oh my
brush it on empty pages
for another time

went camping a week ago
took watercolor pencils, this pad, water brushes
and colored pencils -
found pages colored with extra paint for the background
this meditative girl now lives on one


this wide eyed girl on another

the following sketch I made over a month ago
I will put it on gessoed wood
but have been stuck for my next step
i think it is the background I am uncertain of

I want to learn to plan the background, not make it up as I go
I usually do that latter

also her arms, what does she want to do with her arms
does this happen to you?

perhaps it is because I make art up in my head
perhaps it is time to have a model....

part of why I share this sketch
is to challenge myself to take the next step and complete it this week.


enjoy more Sunday Sketches!

Jun 2, 2011

Life is a Mix

life has extremes
deep black of night and shadow
mixed with soft glow of pink feminine
blue of clear sky and her eyes
walking in this world as well as the celestial divine
path of being woman

fairy slipper season is here

a lovely wild orchid

I have been enjoying lessons from Jane Davenport who is teaching through 21 Secrets.

This painting was created following her latest lesson.
Jane is a wonderful artist, generous and inspiring teacher, she brings the best out of her students!

Visit to enjoy paintings by others: Paint Party Friday!