May 29, 2014

DC Challenge: No Limits

Roberto is our wonderful host this weekend 
his prompt is: No Limits
at first i thought i was going to share about the endless amount of wild foods to be found this time of year

but instead this piece of art came to me
first as in ink drawing
then to be watercolored

there are no limits to her wings
she even has some that are unseen
wings in her heart
her spirit and soul
all that take her
anywhere she wishes to go



May 16, 2014

DC: Memories..... and there are so many ;-)

i have been smitten with the present moment

inspired by
wanting to know how to best care for my land
so i listen

to the breeze animating the trees
the beauty of flowers tilting their heads to the sun

(fairy slipper, Calypso orchid)
tiny fungus as they rise through the surface of the earth

in doing so
i have found myself in a deep quiet joy

that is what the present moment can inspire
deep quiet joy

and i thought (memories) of other moments in my life
that brought me present to:
 deep quiet joy

my son falling asleep on my shoulder

the colors of the setting or rising sun

a kiss
where nothing else exists

the first sip of coffee in the morning

photographing ice crystals and snowflakes

creating art

dancing with a partner

(dancing with violets)

the list goes on

i love it when the past falls away
and the future is where it belongs.... in the future
and i am 
completely absorbed
in now

i feel that is the best
experience of my 56 years of life

it seems the presence is in this moment and in my memories
so many memories!

Thank you for this wonderful prompt
it took me on a big journey
sharing what i have been experiencing 
and looking to the past

visit Kristen's Blog this weekend
to enjoy other artist's inspiration for:


May 14, 2014

3 assignments

I have been taking a 4 lesson class with Danielle Donaldson
my alphabet above was inspired by her lesson, but different.
she included collage, liquid graphite and meaning to some letters. 
I simply played with my lettering

mixed media
above and below

I still have one more lesson.
a fun class
Thank you Danielle!

sweet week to you all!

May 9, 2014

Elf and Plaid

playing with movement in fabric
and watercolors

mostly used three colors
red, yellow and blue
all the colors below came from them
i might have used a couple more in the elf painting above

Spring is still unfolding here
i found flowers yesterday:

flowers are like a beautiful heart smile
to me

sweet weekend to you!