Jun 30, 2013

Drawing Challenge for July 6&7th

i am hosting Drawing Challenge for the weekend of July 6th & 7th
every one, any one, yes you
feel free to share anything inspired by the theme
drawings, photos, words and more

my choice:


 (a few ideas)

a fine, filmy substance consisting of cobwebs spun by small spiders

gauzy fabric

very light
gossamer wings


wishing you a wonder-full time
as this weeks word inspires you:


if you would like to play, let me know in the comments
so that i can include you in the links

thank you

i have noticed how thoughtful so many of you are
posting in English as well as your native tongue
i don't know which other language to pick
on my side bar you can pick your own language
in the google translation button
i hope that helps

Jun 28, 2013

DC: Time Travel

to write
to draw

to the presence
of spirit friends

though i am here
you are there 
and here

time does not exist
is the vehicle
for this travel 

this weeks 'drawing challenge' is with the word
"time travel"
hosted by:
visit this weekend and enjoy
the art of wonderful people!
this painting began with this sketch


Jun 24, 2013

Lime Green and Purple

in her deep stillness
her breath
her heart
made visible

higher self


week three of Summer of Color
hosted by talented and generous Kristen 

this weeks colors;
lime green & purple

on this rainy day
this was the best photograph i could take
sorry for the grayness

Jun 20, 2013

Summer Solstice ~

summer solstice 
time is here

time of bears and tiny deer

flowers cloak our forest floors

elves and crystals
treasures galore


inspired by a recent hike:

a bear that walked in front of me:

a newborn fawn in our woods:

 and my beautiful niece

we live in an area with deep seasons
NW Montana, USA

times like solstice are quite meaningful
and obvious

our days are long and nights are short
the earth is lush green
flowers galore

life comes alive with sunshine and rain

sharing this with this weekends Drawing Challenge:
"Summer Solstice"

treat yourself to a visit
and visit the other artists come this weekend

lovely Solstice to one and all!

Jun 11, 2013

A Week of Crystals

if you have been visiting my recent posts
you will know that crystals 
have been filling my art with their magical presence

i even made some ACEO's
you can find them in my shop
as well as my first crystal realm

wishing you magical days
and nights

Jun 7, 2013

dc: Mood Board

 'she senses the inner realm of life
within her planet
as within herself
a crystalline realm 
of power and beauty'

it began with a sketch
inked with a dip pen in sepia ink

then played with watercolors
so fun

when i considered our drawing challenge this week: mood board
i thought of filling a page
with things that my spirit finds joy in 
and this painting came to life
thank you to our lovely host: Ariane 

and to find the other wonderful artists
also joining Sophia's Sunday Sketch's
 happy sketching everyone!

Jun 5, 2013

Crystalline Realm

Dip Ink Pen for the outlines
watercolors for the gemstones
so fun to try new things

if you are in Whitefish Montana Thursday June 6th
our town has art walk from 6-9
I will be showing my photography
and debuting my art at
sips and nibbles of excellent pasta and drinks

 wonderful music of Lee Zimmerman on Cello

(art will stay on the walls through June)

i would love to see you 

Jun 1, 2013

dc: Key


a Key
to serenity
yes we do have these colorful rocks here in Montana:


painting landscapes is new to me
i had so much fun with this one

for me the wilderness of Montana
is 'key'
to serenity
life in balance

sharing this with a wonderful group of artists
hosted by: Renilde

to treat yourself to a visit at her wonder-full blog
and find the other artists sharing