Apr 9, 2022



I am having fun

trying new techniques and mixing colors

there is something about simple lines

to inspire a feeling of serenity

wishing you a lovely day



Mar 13, 2022

Forest Bathing


Amongst the forest trees her aura began to glow, golden.

Always good to know how to enhance ones aura and vital energy.


I had so much fun designing these trees.
Entirely different from any I had painted before. 
Good chance they will show up in my art again, 
even though they take a bit of time. 


Dec 25, 2021

The Gift


Tis the season of gift giving



thoughtfulness and so much more

really it is what we make of it


inspires how to embrace all the days to come


May the sparkles of winter's snowflakes

touch your heart

a most pristine gift


Lovely holidays to you~


(this is an older painting, but felt perfect for today)


Nov 18, 2021

Her Wonderful Life

 She loves her cottage


the world around her

wandering a daily activity

as life went on

she became the colors that surrounded her


Was so lovely to work paint on this cold gray day. 

This painting is for sale HERE



Oct 30, 2021

Witches to Celebrate Halloween, Samhain, All Hallows Eve, and the turning of the seasons


under her hat

was a world of lovely magic

she sat deep and sweet

within herself

yoga in flight


These are some older pieces that I am sharing

for Samhain, Halloween and All hallows eve.

We are entering the half way time between autumn equinox and winter solstice.

Endless blessings to you ~




Oct 20, 2021

The Pearl


the chickadee
with great gratitude
drops a pearl into the hand
that feeds it

Recently I found this unfinished painting and sat down to finish it. 
The same week the wee birds came back to take seeds from me. 
Such sweet timing. 
Their presence feels like the gift of a pearl. 
this film is from yesterday
2/3rds of the birds were first timers
they learn from one another that it is safe to take seed from me
The film is in half time
showing the swift movements of the wee birds more clearly.