Oct 1, 2021

Inktober #1


It is that time of year, Inktober. 

An ink drawing a day is done by artists all over the world.

I will be happy if I do one a week, but maybe I will get into more of an art groove and surprise myself. 

It felt so good to do art again. 
The gaps between pieces are too big for my liking ;-)

Here we have a little yogini, 
doing her blissful thing in nature. 



Aug 16, 2021

Feb 28, 2021

Wee Fae


on her walk

a wee fae caught her attention

she always knew the folk existed

today, the little fairy

revealed herself 

with a bouquet of flowers



Feb 21, 2021

A Hill with a View


the tree

was entirely happy

that it grew

with such a grand view

atop a hill



 just in case you were missing my feathered friends



Feb 14, 2021

Red headed Fairy


a wee redhead fae

wings of golden light

the little green planet travels with her

wherever she goes



Jan 15, 2021

Poise Rises from Within


He stands on his toes
Poise rises from within
Planted similar to a mushroom
Rooted in the earth
Crown nearing the heavens
Though he is an elf
His prayers are for all humans


Jan 7, 2021

Resting calm


Up on the blue mushroom she attracted a blue bird. 

As the sun set, the horizon turned a soft blue too. 

Flower buds folded their petals and lay their lovely heads to sleep for the night. 

All hearts in the land began to find a resting calm.



one of my wee friends:

chestnut backed chickadee

love it's little hairdo



Dec 16, 2020

Loving King



The king is thin due to sharing his food with the village people
His clothing worn and shoes with holes because they were not important or on his mind
He carried water from the well for those with thirst
He is a loving king that puts his people first, in every thought and every deed
Not only is this his duty, but also the beckoning of his heart
The task of a loving king is to be the best father possible 

To care for all his people

I have often wished that leaders of any kind put their people first, like the best father a person could dream of. I debated it being a queen or king an queen. But the first image that came to me was a king, so I went with it. 

There may be more on this theme to come.