Nov 12, 2020

Inner Realm

 she discovered

with her mind silent

body still

heart open

her inner universe 

opens to her


 I used Arches 140 HP paper

It was nice to paint on,

but the paper buckled. I will need to flatten it, which is fine. 

I do prefer paper that does not buckle.



Nov 1, 2020

Last Inktober piece


On Samhain he stepped into the woods to visit the tall cup fungi. 
Low and behold, a tiny fairy was there, tossing spores into the air.

It was fun to let Inktober inspire art.
I hope I am in a rhythm now and will continue creating. 
I hope you all enjoyed Halloween 
are embracing the shorter days 
colder weather
and lovely autumn light
I am 

Oct 25, 2020

In Her Happy Place

 in her happy place


I couldn't get the scanner to get accurate colors with this painting.

A photo did better. 

It is in a art journal and I risked it and painted this on a page that I really like the painting on the other side.

Lucky that both pieces survived the wet watercolor layers. 

here it is before the painting:


Our autumn has turned snowy! 

With zero F this morning! 

3 weeks of glorious warm autumn days

and bam, autumn snow! 

It is quite beautiful!

I can feel the spirit of hibernation beginning to overtake me. 

I kind of like it. 



Oct 19, 2020

Forest Bathing


Under the big round moon, cuddled up to the tree, she opened her energy to meld with forest and light. A peaceful and rooted stance, healing and vital.


Oct 17, 2020

Soul Witch


The broom flew all over the universe in search of it's soul witch. 

For a broom without a witch is a sad thing indeed. 

Perhaps you know a witch who has not found it's soul broom?




Oct 16, 2020

Sliding through the Woods


With her wand in hand, she summons a breeze to take her through the trees. 

Please forgive me for posting a Christmas like image this early in the year ;-).





Oct 6, 2020

Our Magical World


A landscape I would love to wander into. 

I would like to send this off to one of you, the original.

If you would enjoy it tacked to your wall, let me know in a comment. I will randomly choose someone on October 13th.
Just say: me please.... or something like that in your comment.

(Nearly 5x7 inch. It does have a tiny bend in the bottom corner).
Also, it is also open to people on IG and FB. 
Give Away Closed, Winner is Acacia from IG