Jun 26, 2023

Summer Whimsy


  • I had no idea this piece would be an abstract.
  • The fun of the colors and details took over and this is what showed up on the paper. 
  • Some of the fun is experiencing the part of me come to life that vanished when someone told me:
  • Trees aren't pink
  • mountains are not that pointy
  • this is how to draw a flower

In those moments of someone thinking they knew what I was suppose to do with my art,  my innocence and freedom vanished. I am loving getting it back. It has a feeling of vitality and endless possibilities. 

( I am not sure how I got those dots to the left of my words... so i am not sure how to remove them)



Jun 21, 2023

Summer Solstice


As we enter summer
Earth is lush green, overflowing with leaves, even some mushrooms
Sky a mix of soft blue, white clouds and gray clouds ready to sprinkle rain down upon us.
Lovely solstice to you whether it be summer or winter.





Jun 18, 2023

A Constant


it is always here


our light

the light



having fun creating fantasy landscapes

or perhaps this is a spiritscape.



Jun 10, 2023

Forest Lad


Immersed in the forest

he knelt to visit with the boletes


I was so immersed in this painting that I forgot I was doing a lesson


didn't follow the lesson. 

Makes me smile, as I love getting immersed in basically anything!



Jun 3, 2023

Receiving Light ~


receiving light


This painting took me days to feel that it was complete. 

Layers and layers......

pausing to consider. 

Turning a light on it when I passed the art table,

what does it need, I pondered. 

Today it told me what it needed 

and then it felt complete. 


That happens with most my art, but this one took longer to find what it wanted.