Apr 25, 2020

Dragon Kin

oh to fly
through the skies
by the wings of a friend


I have been doing my 100 day challenge. 
At least my allotted ten minutes a day
which can lead to an hour or three

Since I usually do not think a piece through in advance
this one was a bit of a challenge to breathe 
life into. 
Lots of staring at it, waiting for the next step to come to me. 


Apr 14, 2020

Long Sleeves

she likes her sleeves long
so do I


I am happy to say I have been doing my ten minutes of art every day
and usually an hour to three hours

yay, this 100 day committment has inspired me

wishing you inspiration!


Apr 12, 2020

Friendly Dragon

my dragon is donning his colors

I think he likes what he sees.....

Lovely day and beyond to you!


Apr 7, 2020

100 Day Project

Hi Blog friends, 
I have decided to do:
The 100 Day Project

I wanted to challenge myself to get back into doing regular art. 
Even if it is just ten minutes a day.
I know that once I do ten minutes, there is a good chance it will last much longer. 
Ten minutes seems enticing, do-able too.

I won't post every day, or at least I doubt I will. 
This drawing is my start, next is to paint it. 
It is in a small sketch book.

There is also a poem I wrote about fairies that I want to illustrate and have for sale during this 100 days. 
Part of me telling you, is to say it out loud, to help hold myself to this challenge. 

Are you doing this challenge?
If so, what will you be doing?
Photography, cooking, writing, working out, art?

Seems like a good time, while so many of us are home. 
I hope this finds you well and wish you moments in all your days that make you smile. 


Apr 4, 2020

Little Missy

Little missy has a lot to say

If you enjoy people watching she would be entertaining 

Sometimes doing a small piece is a great way to get my rhythm going. 

This one is in the shop: Beauty Flows

Apr 2, 2020

Blue Spirulina

I found this little sketch and thought wow, was I predicting the future?
at home
in her boat

recently I spilled a little blue spirulina powder
such a gorgeous color. 
I wondered if I could paint with it, added water and it is the deep blue color in this painting. 
Pretty color, but not one I consider using often.
fun to play with making paint. 

Here is the spiralina paint in the paint palette. 

Spirulina is a algae that is high in many nutrients.

alone with nature