Jan 31, 2012

World of Froud: the Winner is...

fairy kins
gathered round
peaked about until they found
the winner with a fairy heart
to send this person a book of art
the winner of autographed book
is none other than
the amazing and wonderful
artist; Kim Kincaid
of the Blog: The Twirling Dragon


yea, the fairies are celebrating
flopping and hopping
flying and fleeing
twirling and swirling
yip yip yipee!



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My piece/sketch above, was done with watercolor pencils....
then i took a wet brush to it
no preliminary sketching
no erasing

Jan 28, 2012

Dusty Rose

like a dusty rose
from bud to bloom
she bathed in sun
under rain 
and stars
her scent beckoned to lean close
to inhale her beauty

in the beginning
a sketch:

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recently i did a swap with Micki Wilde!
from: The Secret Hermit

I sent her a bundle of My Spirithelpers Greeting Cards
and in the mail I received this beautiful envelope in the mail:

 with this awesome piece of art
and i love the message!

Thank you Micki!!


Jan 21, 2012

Sky of Stars

who are you darling
the tilt of your head
your tender eyes
the way gentle light ignites your face 
so softly
I feel I know you
yet it will take years to see the facets of your shadows
and light
before your essence is revealed wholly


oh darn maybe even a wee bit of drat
i forgot to scan the sketch of this piece

pretty please my Sunday Sketch friends
forgive me for not sharing the sketch

I actually sketched her months ago and came across it recently and thought to paint her

painting was a learning experience 
each step of the way
this color
that color
layer up layer
light shadows

i look at her
this lady who is kin of stars
and want to know her
for there is something lovely in her spirit

do you ever have thoughts similar about your art?

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Jan 19, 2012

Like an Amazon, this Woman

she stood tall in her slinky legs
with golden light shining forth from her inner eye
friend to those who flutter by
sharing the glistening of their wings
hers was a slightly different planet
than the one that we call home
yet heart and light
shine just as bright
as the loving ones we know

please bare with me while i learn to draw full bodies.
though my art is a bit naive in nature, i have to say I am having a blast. 
i am so happy to take step after step in learning to express myself through art, and full bodies is a great next step for me.
winter's magical beauty:

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Jan 15, 2012

backs and bottoms....

spheres and shadows
bottoms and backs
lessons on bodies
gave life to this
but who are the characters that live on this sheet
and living with circular realms must be quite sweet!

I was on Lori Vliegen's blog the other day. 
she has a wonderful post for how to do this sort of background.
I was so happy to find her wonderful blog!


you can visit wonderful sketches around the world!


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i am changing the give away date to sooner: January 31st.

Jan 7, 2012

Give Away: World of Froud (signed) Catalog

oh how they move when they walk
hips they do sway is their talk
they glide as a team
they stream and they gleam
oh how they move when they walk

in Jane Davenport's class: I ♡ Drawing
(awesome wonderful teacher and class!)
we are learning how to make our girls look as though they are walking

do they look like they are walking?


I love all my blog friends!
Yes that is you ~

you've been kind and supportive
you encourage and teach me
you inspire and keep me company along our journey!

I want to offer a wee awesome gift, 
if you like faeries that is!

right now has a Exhibition of Brian, Wendy and Toby Froud's art.
I bought a signed 108 page catalog that I would like to give away to one of you!

I will choose ONE winner on Valentine's day. 
I know that is far away, or is it?!

(update: winner will be randomly chosen
January 31st. Maybe it will arrive to the winner on Valentine's day)

108 pages of faerie land!

if you want to leave a comment, but do not want to win this book,
"no fairy book please"
in your comment
or something like that.

(sorry to say that one corner arrived crushed, still it is awesome!)

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