Feb 15, 2019

New Paper

recently Lynne Hoppe shared a watercolor paper
made in Italy
100% cotton
that is new to me

I like it
soft and feels very cottony
took the paint wonderfully

(but roughs up if one needs to erase pencil lines,
so I will attempt to not need to erase ;-))

(I am not sure what I think of this little landscape)
 a glimpse of how I organized my paint samples
so handy


Feb 9, 2019

She paints Her world beautiful ~

she paints her world beautiful

her paintbrush much like a witch's broom
a fairie's wand

breathes magic into the stones 
mushrooms and home of her life
as she births them


A while ago I bought a mini palette from Stephanie Law
I found it hard choosing the 37 colors

finally I took all my colors
made swatches
which I could lay out and ponder which one's I use/like most
(a project I wanted to do for choosing colors for paintings)

 I have since placed these color squares in plastic coin sleeves
blues on one page, browns the next and so on
so nice and orderly ;-)

amazing how even doing these squares satisfied my art craving

the palette is shy of 3" across
I used it on this painting
I was delighted that it worked quite well

it will be wonderful for hikes and traveling