Jul 27, 2016

Bear and Birds

most certainly
living with bears,
though i rarely see them
is influencing my days
because i think of them when i walk out my door

they are in my dreams as well

i love thinking how I have seen them eating grass and flowers
and how one might find a bird sitting on them


Jul 24, 2016

Where does Art rise from?

I was walking home from the neighbors
and looked up
to see a good sized black bear
down the road
looking at me

I paused
slowly began walking backwards
it turned and walked into the woods

I call that a good bear experience
eye contact
and nothing more

Recently a friend mentioned that all my art 
is self portraits. 
I felt surprised as
I rarely draw myself.

The lady above is not me,
but it is my real life story.

A bit of my life, perception or surroundings does enter most of my art
Perhaps that is common.

This piece (above)
was an evening sketch. 
Pencil, then ink, then pencil and eventually watercolor washes.
It is not a self portrait or reflection of my surroundings, 
simply exploring technique and having fun.


Jul 15, 2016

Black Bear

I was driving down my road
turned my head
saw a black bear
pop up in the grass full of flowers 
to look at me

pretty much
it was exactly like this little painting

such a dear memory

Jul 11, 2016


in their full bloom
they danced

a friend sent me an email full of:
Fascinating Flowers

I wish I could credit the photographer 
to show appreciation for inspiring this little painting.

I think the flowers are adorable. 


Jul 6, 2016

Silly Fun

the pinks and buns in her hair
are kin to her spirit 


I haven't done much art lately
unusual for me
felt good to sit down and sketch
and put watercolors to it

just a bit of silly fun