Jul 22, 2013

Musical of the Universe

with music in the pores of her skin
within her bones
even the threads of her hair 
are held the songs of the universe

4 inktense watercolor pencils
and an ink pen

the baby humming birds are growing up
their nest is stretching
due to the gossamer spider webs
it is made of:

absolutely brilliant!

Jul 18, 2013

Three Gems

of this world

and another

women three

like sisters be
dear artist friends
i am having a wonderful give away
from Novica
on my photography blog:

feel free to stop by and have a chance of winning it!

Jul 15, 2013

Sage & Sepia

the magical realm of summer 
of nature
a glimpse

first i painted the page a light sage green
let it dry
drew a border in sepia ink, with a dip pen

drew the picture with masking fluid
let it dry
painted over the mask with a light wash of the sepia ink
then peeled the mask away

the two little hummingbirds are growing up
eyes still closed

and look the photo is in sage and sepia colors:


thank you for hosting this lovely event, summer of color!
it has been fun and inspiring

this weeks colors are Sage and Sepia


Jul 12, 2013

Jul 8, 2013

Candy Apple Red & Yellow: SOC

she rose from the earth
in summer colors
donning feathers of red
reflections of her firey heart and soul


(indian paintbrush)

joining Kristin's:
this week's colors candy apple red and yellow

summer canola fields


Jul 5, 2013

DC: Gossamer

in her dreams
the veil was open
she spoke with angels 

as the nights went on
her days became ethereal
and even her skin
radiated like gossamer silk

Thank you for joining in for our Drawing Challenge this week. 
participants will be sharing on their blogs
something inspired by the word:

please visit:
My friend Annie found a hummingbird nest in her tree!
mamma hummer made the nest of lichen and gossamer spider webs
it is SO tiny

and look, two eggs

i read that they are made with gossamer spider webs
so that the web can stretch larger as the babies grow

now that is some smart engineering!
I hope you all enjoy a wonderful weekend
perhaps sprinkled with gossamer dreams