Oct 29, 2010

Celebrating Samhain ~ Summer's End

born with a heart of knowing
remained due to upbringing
owls hoots and wolves singing
wisdom of bears and birds tweeting
call of the wind and water flowing
witch full of natures knowing
veils between seen and unseen now thinning
wisdom available reminds of hearts knowing
tis the season of internal remembering

Wishing you a wonderful Halloween
and Samhain Celebration!

also, in the actual piece of art, her hair is not orange,
it is shades of gold, but I could not show this on the scan, oh well.


Recently I won not one, but TWO give aways!

Treat yourself to visit the whimsical art by Jessie
 Jessie's blog: Jessie
and her store: Jessica Stride

a lovely necklace made by Amber

Heartfelt thank yous to Jessie and Amber!