Dec 24, 2011

Ms. Apricot

she closed her eyes
inhaled the frosty air of winter
then opened her eyes wide 
to take in the huge expanse of stars in the dark new moon sky

she had no choice but to be herself
honor the facets of truth as they rose and changed form

for her twin soul was housed in an ice crystal
a crystal that beamed to her a unique light 
as she moved to the left 
or moved to the right in her life
the facets of that light inspired her every move

Tis Christmas Eve Day
and the snow begins to fall
The mail has just arrived!

Jeri Lander had a contest on her blog: Hopalong Hollow Gazette
I won a beautiful Santa in his Sleigh print!
I hope you can see all the charming details, because it overflows with geese, elves, cabins and a fox. 
A gorgeous star and moon sleigh filled with old fashioned toys!

Jeri writes and illustrates gorgeous children's books, 
treat yourself to a visit to her blog!
Thank you Jeri, I love your gift!

Wishing each and everyone of you
a lovely day
and night
today and every breath beyond



  1. She is so lovely - bathed in warmth. I love the photo of the snowflakes in comparison to the heat of the artwork. So magical. Happy Holidays!

  2. Happy Happy Christmas dear friend! Gorgeous art and those ice crystals are amazing! Hugs and smiles to you.


  3. ...blessings to yoU tammie upon this frosty/tropical day!...

  4. She is beautiful, she and the ice crystals are magical.

    Your friend Jeri is indeed an amazing artist - the picture is so full of detail I can hardly take it all in!

    Merry Christmas, Tammie.

  5. Merry Christmas Tammie, I love the print, going to visit your friend. Wishing you the Very Best Day. hugs.

  6. Anonymous12/25/2011

    Tammie, this lady looks like she is ready for anything.
    I wish you a Merry Christmas and an art filled year ahead.

  7. Miss Apricot is deliciously lovely, Tammie. I hope you're happy and warm in your magic cabin this end of year! oxx

  8. Ms Apricot, I love her! So fresh and awake, in a way.. :) Besides, I love apricots! :))

    Congratulations with your gift, so beautiful! :) And beautiful is your frost picture, too!! =)

  9. So beautiful,alive yet a dream. Nature and myths merge in your work. Thank you, for all.

  10. Yay...she is a gorgeous being..loved her warm apricot glow! Beautiful Tammie! and oh my..congrats on your win!! Fabulous!

  11. Beautiful.
    Hope you have had a beautiful

  12. prachtige kleuren voor miss apricot.....she is beautiful

    Tammie ik wens je een heel gelukkig nieuwjaar.


  13. Coing back to read this poem again, I feel as though it was written for me. Especially the words:
    "she had no choice but to be herself, honor the facets of truth as they rose and changed form"

    I am me and can't pretend to be anyone other than that. :)

    Jess x

  14. Anonymous12/28/2011

    It is as beautiful as you, your soul and gives peace follows joy!
    Wish you a happy new year, 2012 will be wonderful, thank you for your art.
    A thousand hugs, my friend!!

  15. I love your Ms. Apricot, Tammie. Look at those beautiful green eyes! :)

    And wow! Look at that photo!! What kind of camera or zoom lense do you use? Stunning and breathtaking to see such details.

  16. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and that 2012 is everything you hope for...

  17. She a sweet gal. And that's a fab photo. Happy New Year Tammie.


  18. Anonymous1/17/2012

    Are those ice crystal natural? I dont think so... but they are wonderful

    Henna is made out of dried and crushed leaves with a hint of eucalyptus oil and lemon forming the paste. I love the lingering fragrance on skin for 2 days after the paste dries out. most people believe it is thereputic but one can easily hate the smell too. like i hate the smell of mint leaves ;-)

  19. Hellopalz,
    thank you for your visit, yes, those are natural crystals. they grow in winter when the temperature and moisture is just right! magical!

    thanks for sharing about the henna!

  20. Oh, my--beautiful artwork, breathtaking photo.

    WOW! You'll get tired of my saying how amazing you are, sweet Friend!


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