Dec 21, 2017

Winter Solstice

the sun passed through the sky
to the mountains

tis the shortest day of the year

being filled with more night than day light 
with stars in her heart
at peace with the passing of the sun

I think this photo shows the gold leaf better:

last night's crescent moon was incredibly beautiful

I saw the sun's light on it more than looking at it as a 
sliver of moon 

noticing it that way felt like a solstice gift

sunlight at night

Lovely Solstice to you 

Dec 14, 2017

Living Meditation

she sat
she was part of the seasons
breathing with the rhythm of the earth 
 heart beating with the sun and moon


Dec 6, 2017

Scrbble Picnic: Finland

Reading about the forests of Finland
I felt like they were similar to my home in Montana

edible berries and mushrooms
which inspired this piece:

king bolete


Sharing with Scribble Picnic
this weeks theme:

Dec 3, 2017


shoulder stands feel so good


PS I am told that getting upside down is good
for our immune systems. 
One could even lay on the floor (bottom close to a wall)
and legs go up the wall. 
So relaxing too.


Nov 30, 2017

A Celebration of Mushrooms

celebration of mushrooms

even though it is like this:

I did find one mushroom growng the other day


Nov 27, 2017

Little Friend

Usually I look at my art, during the sketch 
or when it is complete
something comes to me,

something about what it is about.

You know, the little things I write under my paintings. 
A small blip of prose, 
just enough to ignite your imagination 
so that you can make it your own. 

 This time, all I have is:

little friend

Do you have something more?


Nov 16, 2017


they share one heart

I always enjoy when I see things in pairs in nature


Nov 13, 2017

Pure Earth

so fun to work with gold leaf, imitation that is

laid this in the snow
attempting to get the colors true
pretty close

these seem like planets
pure and lovely


Nov 8, 2017

Scribble Picnic: Cookie

in honor of my dear friend Kim
I attempted to paint her in an ethereal 
starry, sparkly, other worldly, magical state
(unfortunately the scan does not show how sparkly this is. The bronze color is gold leaf and so pretty)

before the background, which do you like best?:

a couple of years ago she crossed over
she had a couple of nick names

while growing up together she was: Jade Lady
as she had a fondness for green
others called her: Cookie

when my son was born we called her:
Auntie Cookie

it was a bit emotional and deeply heartfelt experience to do art of her
Wednesday is:
and Michael chose the theme:

Nov 7, 2017

Alpine Waters

jewel painting
with gold leaf
watercolor ground
(again, wish I could share the sparkly gold and richness of colors)


Nov 6, 2017

Magic Mushrooms

a new kind of magic mushrooms

decked in gold leaf and watercolors

she shares about her art
and bussiness.
In one post she shows how to use cold leaf and watercolor grounds. 
I tried her technique with this mushroom piece.
So much fun. 
But with both photography or scanning I can not capture the beauty of the gold shimmering,
accurate colors, I guess do to all the texture that is created. 
Stephanie also shares an article about how she captures real life images of her art. 

I am enjoying being a patron of hers.

Nov 4, 2017


they stood true
her sentries
among the wild weaving weedy seeds
 her protectors
fungi who are from the underworld
and the heavens

snow has arrived
days are cold
nights even colder
pretty sure this snow is here for the season
so pretty under the light of the big moon
 at night


Nov 3, 2017

Fungi Sentries

they stood true
her sentries
among the wild weaving weedy seeds
her protectors
fungi who are from the underworld
and the heavens

looking out my windows
the world is white
snow clad forest
like sugar snow pours from the sky
it is no longer 
a colorful autumn world


Nov 2, 2017

Auction for Puerto Rico Disaster Relief

This morning I added this painting
to an auction for Puerto Rico.

There is only one day left to the auction
so good chance it can be bought for a low price. 

It is a good cause:


Oct 28, 2017

Breath of Life

she closed her eyes 
raised her hands to the sky 
began to sway
 feeling the breath of life



Oct 26, 2017

Tiny Houses

A tiny house
made in a porcini mushroom
for the wee folk

first came the ink drawing


Oct 19, 2017

Remembering Summer

remembering summer


another piece for inktober

years ago a friend took a photograph of me laying in the grass
it brings back the peaceful feeling
every time I look at it

wishing you peace

Oct 17, 2017

Scribble Picnic

Michael at Scribble Picnic gave us a shape to use in art this week:

at first I thought to use it in a tribal design

when I set pencil to paper
these little houses came to life

art is endlessly amusing to me that way
as though it has a mind of it's own

Thank you for hosting Michael

to see what others created wth this shape


Oct 8, 2017

Fantasy Fungi

so fun to do another fantasy mushroom piece

autumn is the big season for fungi
but so far not many spotted 
it was a drought summer
we have gotten a bit of rain
so they might appear yet

another piece for InkTober:

Oct 7, 2017

Another Ink drawing

dancing man
bones of a tree during the day
comes to life as a dancer at night

inspired by this photo from a hike I did a couple weeks ago on a camping trip
the trail is called Scenic Point and takes one high
into the mountains
to the sky
with amazing views
once upon a time trees


Oct 4, 2017

Scribble Picnic: Blanket

the night forest was 
lit up
by the light of the full moon
wrapped in a blanket
to keep the autumn chill from her bones
she walked through the night
(colored version added a day after original post)

sharing with friends at Scribble picnic

Thank you Michael

Oct 3, 2017

InkTober #3

bright eyed 
ready for her day


last week
the sun arrived
with 3 warm autumn days
I wandered in the mountains and saw this beautiful

sharing glimpses of autumn

Oct 2, 2017

InkTober #2

there is nowhere else she would rather be

#2 for InkTober

into the woods: