Jan 29, 2017

With Child

together they touched a deeper awareness
of life

this is the first time a pregnant woman showed up in a sketch
i feel happy about it
and wanting to do more women with child

Jan 27, 2017

AC: Sticks

One day a friend picked up two sticks
began to balance one on top of the other

it was fun to watch
a bit like juggling
simple pleasures are so good

I hope you all have fun visting one another 
to see how "sticks" inspired each of you:

If anyone else would like to join in, leave a comment 
I will add you to the list

Jan 23, 2017

AC Invitation

sticks to start fires

(box was a dresser drawer I found at the dump, painted it and now it holds my kindling)

some nests are made of sticks

many sticks are hosts for fungi

sticks made by beavers
found on the river shore

big sticks for fencing

I have chosen: sticks

I hope to have inspired ideas with these images

 (any thing welcome: 
photos, drawings, recipes, poetry, furniture etc.)

all are welcome to join in
simply leave a comment below letting me know you will post something this coming weekend

January 27th-29th 

I will add your name and link

Jan 20, 2017

AC: Daily

she walked the earth
breathing in the vitality of life

i walk the woods
noticing it's offerings

like the fairy wreath of ice crystals above

this week
lovely crystalline snowflakes graced our world

piled in sensuous ways

for me
a bit of art
time in nature
are daily bits of grace

that nurture me

sharing with my friends 
for AC: art challenge
hosted by lovely Ariane
here theme: daily


Jan 16, 2017


this little guy showed up the other night while doing my evening sketch

I think he is content with a lollipop in hand

I have been photographing teeny tiny snowflakes in my forest
so easy to be smitten with them!

lovely day to you

Jan 12, 2017

Lady in a Green Hat

I've taken to small night sketches lately. 
Creating little characters, I call them evening meditations. 
Sketching brings me present, 
stills my mind and inspires contentment. 

Often they are characters that I think would be fun to meet.

sharing with Paint Party Friday

Jan 10, 2017

Pink Cheeks

this last week 
these snowy nights and days
I have taken up a tiny sketchbook 
creating tiny characters

I like to call them evening meditations


Jan 7, 2017


yoga with his woodland friend

we have a family of fox in our area
I rarely see them
though one night i looked out my window
just in time to see one on my steps 
under the full moon light

with grace
it flew down my steps 
then my snow path
across my frozen pond
disappearing into the forest

all illumined by the full moon
I like letting my world influence my art

sharing with Alexandra's: Sunday Sketches