Mar 26, 2011

Lady in White ~

stars for thoughts
stars surround
stars at night
and always around
stars in blue
i offer to you
stars of my heart

 two posts ago I shared my fairy drawing
often when I get to the part where I choose a hair color
well I love it white

white hair
is something I am exploring 
in my art


This is a tiny watercolor
almost 4x6 inches
that I did yesterday
it is made on a piece of Khadi Paper
that wonderful artist and woman
Lynne Hoppe gave me. 
I loved working on it!

For the first time I am offering an original painting
for sale

find it in: the shop


Visit Lovely Lady Sopia's: Sunday sketches 
to enjoy 
wonderful art!


Mar 24, 2011

Ces of the Oak Clan

drawn to the oak clan
she drew their likeness
many shapes styles
imbued her lines with quercus pneuma
mighty stance of oak
firmly rooted with earth
branches dancing in heavens

home to those who crawl and fly
nuts that whisper of future life
she drew and drew
until she too
became kin of Quercus

one night I drew the top two leaves
and nuts
then Ces appeared amongst the leaves
i did not go and look at ms. Ces's photo
in order to make it look like her
all the same
I know it is Ces!
Any of you who know Ces and her art
understand this with no explanation.
If not you will gift yourself in a leisurely visit!

i think a wee bit of the bald baby spirit got in here too

recently i participated in a stitched postcard swap

over at: Do What You Love 
the theme being: Love  

I received the one above
it came all the way from the UK!
Made by Michele 
from: Simply Wonderful Discoveries

Thank you Michele, it is lovely!

Mar 19, 2011

Within, a Universe

like a faceted crystal is my spirit
made of friends from many realms
we blend and flavor our
words and deeds
together we are
summer autumn winter
and yes
we breathe bloom
and flower
laugh cry and share
when you meet me
you greet 
our universe

I was so surprised how spring like this piece came out, simply because I have been submersed in winter's spirit for so many months. 
Nice to feel in sync with the season.
I sat down to draw the other night, simply wanted to draw a girls face, something familiar, nothing new to learn, something I could be a little mindless with. 
Then all these faces showed up one by one. 
They felt as though they were aspects of the central person. 
Then the poem came.

Wishing one and all a lovely Spring Equinox
for others Autumn Equinox


treat yourself to a visit:

to enjoy sketches by my art friends

Mar 12, 2011

Golden Realm of Blue Skies

when ones heart 
includes all life
a golden realm of blue skies
between each creature
mushroom flower unicorn
and fairy
even owl and trees
wee tiny deer
is a life of
heartfelt existence
one where joy and peace exists as the spirit of life
all are welcome

Join or visit 
to enjoy art by my art friends
at Sophia's Blue Chair Diary!

I feel like a beginner stumbling along. Do I paint over the deer in yellow and under the trees too?
What is the order to coloring? Ha, so much to learn!

This was done on Canson Acrylic 185 lb. 12"x16" Montval paper. 
Thick as can be!
No warping
accepted watercolor and acrylics

yellow is a color I have rarely worn
or used in art
it was so cheerful lovely and inviting

Mar 8, 2011

She is of the Earth

is of the mountains
holds true course
in the depths of soil
home for all
because she's born 
of earth

recently Karen of Contemporary Embroidery
posted some of her beautiful art 
it is a mix of paper with holes punched in it and stitching
She told me I should try it.
This is one of her amazing pieces:

you will have to visit her
to enjoy the rest!

visit her Etsy Shop

I will play with this more.....
I took a photo of this post card size art
against the window so that you can see the holes
no stitching in this piece

but somehow this is inspiring
and stitching on another piece will happen some day!

Pitt Pens 

Mar 5, 2011


deep waters
amongst friends
a welcome embrace


our assignment was to paint on wood
we were not told to prime the wood
it soaked up paint
I enjoyed the new experience
I used a thin plywood
that is now splintering at the cut edge

any suggestions for how I might coat/finish this piece?
It was painted with watercolor pencils and crayons
plus acrylic paints

being a double pisces.... it was fun to add the dancing circle of fish
sketch on paper:

transferred to wood
and the painting begins:


if you are in Whitefish Montana this coming Friday, 
please stop by and enjoy a wonderful show that I am part of!

Please enjoy sketches by visiting Sophia's:
Sunday Sketches!

Sending light to Sophia 
and her dad