Dec 11, 2010

Niro of the Butterfly Clan

Niro Niro
who are you
eyes of green
inner vision too
wings that whisper
a true voice
pulsing with the beat of life
you have won my contemplation
wanting to find your location
jot your tale
the Butterfly Clan
share your magic
with the folk of our land

the sketch:


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Dec 4, 2010

Star Princess and Her Pinnacles ~

of her crown
inspired her awareness
to the heavens
her thoughts
making the world
exquisite freedom

4"x5" St. Armand Watercolor Paper

I have not done much tiny art, 4x5 seems tiny to me. 
I enjoyed it very much and I can see that I will do more!
This paper is a bit fragile and inspires lines to be accurate the first time
as erasing wears away at the surface.
This is very good for attention and presence with each stroke of the pencil.
Good practice for a person who uses erasers QUITE freely, such as myself. Ha

Lynne, dear lady,
again I thank you for this lovely paper!

Yesterday, I received a wonderful drawing by the talented and lovely hearted
Amalia K. She was raising money for the people of her country
who suffered in a horrible earthquake and then tsunami.
I was fortunate to purchase her amazing art,

Sow Your Own Light

You will be pleased if you visit Amalia's blog, enjoying her depth of sharing and gorgeous and creative art!

Visit her at Translucent Blue
Art Memoirs


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Nov 28, 2010

St. Armand Watercolor Paper

5 1/2" x 5 1/2"

An envelope arrived in the mail yesterday.
Perhaps you all know Lynne Hoppe through her art blog?
If not I recommend that you stop by and enjoy her wonderful world of art!

Well ms. Lynne sent me two pieces of St. Armand watercolor paper. 
She tells me it is made from t-shirt remnants. 
I am brand new to watercolors
and also drawing a face from the side, so be gentle with me.

Lynne, thank you for this wonderful gift!

It was super fun to try a new paper. 
With the second sheet I will try watercolors with a brush, not the pencils, to experience
the difference.

 first the sketch:

then the watercolor pencils:

followed with a wet brush:

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Nov 21, 2010

Deer Child~ *

deer lady
of the forest
apprentice of the wild and native
taught by rain
wind and snow
walks with atmosphere of all
bear and deer
earth and flora
precious path is yours


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Nov 16, 2010

Embrace on Wings of Light ~

life in a world
of endless thoughts
things to learn
to do

mixed with our deep nature
of energetic spheres
of light
golden wisdom

a daily affair
to embrace with our utmost

 Sunday, I watched and followed a free tutorial from Tam at Willowing,
called; Art, heart and healing. 
You can do it too. 
I had SO much FUN. 
I have had watercolor crayons for at least 15 years and did not know what to do with them.
She taught us to create a face with pencil, much as I always do, 
then to lightly color the face with crayons and use a wet brush to make it turn to paint. 
She moved at a fast pace and I tried to keep up. 
It was fun fun fun to go fast and loose and see the face appear. 

We were guided to put words on it, 
I still can not find peace with mixing words on my art, they look tacky to my sense of harmony, 
so I covered them up. 
This is how it looked at one stage:

Visit he lovely and talented artist Beth 
to enjoy her art and her beautiful heart.
She hosts a art showcase called FAT Tuesday (you can join in any day of the week).
You can sign up and share your recent art post and visit other wonderful artists.
Wishing you a lovely week~

Nov 7, 2010

Earth Angel

earth angels mingle in the flesh of our land
permeating the soil with a spirit
in which we find clan
hovering as well in our auras to embed
a reminder that we too are one with the land

 initial sketch:


This week I am celebrating the opening of my new Etsy Shop, Beauty Flows

When I lived in Santa Barbara California, I made jewelry for 24 years. 
Now I am offering for sale that line of jewelry as well as greeting cards of the art you have seen on this blog.

jewelry is made of tiny glass seed beads
gemstones and freshwater pearls

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by other artists,
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Oct 29, 2010

Celebrating Samhain ~ Summer's End

born with a heart of knowing
remained due to upbringing
owls hoots and wolves singing
wisdom of bears and birds tweeting
call of the wind and water flowing
witch full of natures knowing
veils between seen and unseen now thinning
wisdom available reminds of hearts knowing
tis the season of internal remembering

Wishing you a wonderful Halloween
and Samhain Celebration!

also, in the actual piece of art, her hair is not orange,
it is shades of gold, but I could not show this on the scan, oh well.


Recently I won not one, but TWO give aways!

Treat yourself to visit the whimsical art by Jessie
 Jessie's blog: Jessie
and her store: Jessica Stride

a lovely necklace made by Amber

Heartfelt thank yous to Jessie and Amber!

Sep 22, 2010

Autumns goddess; Lady Mabon

find goddess of autumn
within dancing leaves
hanging from trees
flitting earthbound
her eyes in the equinox moon
presence of the seasons tune
partake of her spirit
as you breath crisp air
dance under the moon
wear new autumn hues
enjoy our new season

for my artists friends who enjoy seeing the beginning to the end,
this time I started by mapping out a grid, practice you know.


I wish you all a lovely Autumn.
Treat yourself to enjoy the crisp air
the colors
the obvious dance of change. 
Happy Equinox
Blessed Mabon
to one and all!

a wee bit of Autumns magic

Sep 13, 2010

Birthday Wish ~

 Owl Woman


a song poured through her eyes
to the universe

birthday wish be mine

I am an owl
I fly
and see
I hear
on the lightness of soft wings
for just one day
for simply one night
I shall take flight

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Sep 10, 2010

IF: Proverb: Celestial ~

live from the heart
exist in the heavens



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though I am early
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I've purchased a wonderful piece of art!
Quite romantic, 
look at their wonderful tails! 

The exquisite art of Beth Niquette:

Treat yourself to a visit at her art blog!

Maybe even join her artful Fat Tuesdays.
You can also bid on her art at Ebay.

Aug 9, 2010

born a princess

a princess to life
embracing pleasures
as well as strife
dignity must reign sublime
open to seraphim

It is so interesting to learn multi media art!
To take a drawing that feels good and to tear the face out and adhere it to wood,
then to mess with it, layer after layer
well it is a bit scary, fun and exciting.
I had no idea where I was going with this, she unfolded day after day
glimpse after glimpse
feeling after feeling.

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Jul 31, 2010

Born of Petals

It begins with a sketch:
then poetry and colors unfold:

being born in a cocoon made of petals

deep in the forest
treasures behold
petal by petal
cocoon takes hold
filled with protection
nutrition and more
essence is planted
her spirit and body are born
sunlight imbues
pink lavender golds
body and spirit are fused
a blossom born of petals

visit: National Geographic to see and read about flower petal nests!

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Jun 20, 2010

Divine Journey

there is joy
in artful creative expression
a bit like the seasons of Spring
and now Summer
breathing life into a drawing
an idea
a movement
is to join forces with something alive
with the current of breath

this is my first multi-media piece, stamps- both rubber and postal,
adhering bits of napkins,
(thanks to Sharon Tomlinson's napkin tutorial)
also paint and colored pencils
all this in my moleskin journal

it was a bit scary to take the face in the top drawing and start doing things that are new to me
all that tender attention to shading with colored pencils could disappear with the stroke of a brush
instead it was fun
and inspired me to explore this ladies spirit
to feel into her divine journey

today is the first day of Summer

Happy Solstice to each and everyone of you!

Also to all you lovely fathers
who care for your families with wisdom
generosity and joy
I thank you with all my heart, for you make our world a better place!
Happy Father's Day~

Please visit Sophia's; Sunday Sketches to enjoy the art of some truly fine people

May 23, 2010

Innocent Depth

Spring is such a wonderful time
our mountains are thick and lush
wearing a garment of green and flowers
skies are dramatic and endlessly changing
with clouds and blue
rain and snow
today held a Sunday drive
dancing to live music
fantastic meals
a walk in nature
I hope all of you had a wonderful weekend too


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May 21, 2010


it's oh so early to post this
she's not completely drawn
yet in her early stages
there is hints of what's to dawn

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May 16, 2010

Sunday Sketches

I decided to take Suzi Blu's: Goddess and Poet class. 
This past week I drew faces of ladies, one after the other, 
all with eyes that are heavy lidded.
So different from the eyes I had been drawing.
This drawing will be painted.....
at some point.

To enjoy sketches by other people, visit Sophia's Sunday Sketches

Eva at Angel Pearls,
was celebrating the followers on her blog and I won a lovely prize!
A handmade brooch
with a freshwater pearl in the center.
Thank you Eva!


This week, a friend and I went east of the Rockies.
The day was gloriously beautiful, you can see some photos on my other blog
I will share something here, that I have not shared over there...

a black bear eating flowers!

May 8, 2010

Mica of the Butterfly Clan

For 6 weeks I have enjoyed sharing a drawing for Sunday Sketches.
The support, encouragement, new friendships
are wonderful!
I have had some wonderful correspondence about what I have shared being more
a drawing than a sketch.
Being new at drawing I pondered why I was finding sketching
more intimidating than a drawing. 
I was able to draw, meaning lots of pencil work and LOTS of erasing,
eventually I could form something that I enjoyed seeing. 
A sketch to me felt like a wonderful expression,
with few lines, that presented an idea, leaning towards something complete.
Very intimidating. 
I had the thought that some sketches are like a haiku poem
perfect with in a few simple lines. 

Last week an idea presented itself,
a clan of beings with ears like butterflies.....
the sketch:

I could not stop with the sketch.
Introducing Mica of the Butterfly Clan.
Since he is of the Butterfly Clan, it is my sense that there will be more drawings of clan members and most likely a story to go along (eventually).

Please visit Sophia's blog to find a list of people who are sharing their 

wishing you a lovely weekend,
Happy Mother's Day~


May 1, 2010

Young Man

This week I found myself craving to work from photos or actual people.
I want to see how light and shadows 
bring a person to our sight,
my imagination is not quite good enough to do this- yet

I found a photo from my childhood
a young man I dated (blush and smile),
I have not been in touch with him for 30 years.

The amazing thing is
I can feel his spirit in this,
drawing is becoming entirely fascinating to me.

A few days ago, a frightening thing happen, 
I spilled wine on my laptop! 
I tipped the computer over to pour the wine off and the screen went black. 
It seemed I killed it! 
Yes it is backed up.... but still this little Apple computer is expensive. 
My photography business Spirithelpers is on it,
both blogs, my website, calendar, address book, music, poetry
well you get it. 

I sat it in front of a heater. I took it up to the loft, the hottest place when the wood stove is going in this wee cabin.  I let it dry out.
The next day, the 4th try and it started up! 
It works!
I feel thankful and happy. Whew!

So today at a thrift store I found a old coffee table for $5. 
Perhaps handmade and of oak, my favorite tree if one can have a favorite tree. 
I brought it home and stripped the funky finish off it, materials $25. 
I think it is wonderful:

The point to this story is,
drinks on the coffee table, not the computer table!
Do you see my friends in the background?

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Apr 30, 2010

Beaded Bracelet, Spring Colors

Years ago I began beading this bracelet. 
To this day the colors thrill me. 

Have you ever thought about colors, 
how they move you, 
how they inspire you, 
how they sooth
or excite you?

I consider jewelry
of clothing
to be medicinal.

They support and inspire,
heal and nurture. 

Not just an adornment for the sake of decoration.
I am so happy that tonight I finished this piece
and can wear it!
I love the little dolphin clasps too~

Many of my artful friends took a peak at Anne's blog:
that I shared in my last post.
I decided to support her blog and explore the experience of doing a self portrait. 
If you would like to visit that post, please visit: Unconventional Beauties.
You may even like to join us with a post of your own. 
Who knows what gifts will be revealed in the process.