May 27, 2013

Word Inspired Sketches




once there was a girl
who skipped everywhere she went
a hoop in her hands
a hat on her head
she was known to inspire smiles

like a dream

sketching with a brush and color


hosted by the lovely and talented:

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May 24, 2013

DC: Proverb or Saying

I asked a friend, mister B

a man whom i consider a wizard with insight 
to breathe life into a saying or proverb for this piece:

'Pledge Your Heart To The Gift That Is Art'

which overflows with amazing photographs

painting inspired by:

wee fairy:

seashell maiden:


sharing with Drawing Challenge
hosted this week by the talented: Patrice A.
theme: Proverb or saying
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May 17, 2013

She Leaps (fillip)

leaping with spring
enlivens one's spirit

there are many meanings:

enliven, flip, excites, stimulates
flick, spur,  and so on....

I was going to draw a fairy flipping through the air
but when i sat to draw.... 
it was as if the fairy played a joke on me,
I totally forgot my original idea!

you see there just is no controlling what a fairy wants to do!
if she must leap, then leap she must ;-)

but i can play and flip the art ;-)

two meanings:
flip and enliven

also i will be joining Sunday Sketches (come Sunday)
Sweet days and nights to you~


May 12, 2013

Tree Spirits

the wind shouted to the trees
fire is coming with this breeze
be mindful of your dying stance
for that will be your very last
then you'll stand just like that
a guardian looking over the land

a friend showed me a tree spirit
then i noticed many more

long ago, 1988 a fire raged through this land
leaving these mighty beings behind


May 8, 2013

Springs Butterflies

drawing whatever comes to mind
enjoying springs butterflies


didn't mean for the animal in the art to be this pup; Lucy
but seeing as i was around her a lot at the time.... she might have snuck in ;-)

Lovely day to you