May 29, 2011

Lady of the Tree

said the lady of the tree
to the bird that flew to she

I will be your home
standing strong within the ground
yet pliable with wind and sound

I will hold your nest
nurture to my best

please sing for me

walking in the woods
mamma duck made a mad dash away
from me and the base of a tree

look at what I found:



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May 26, 2011

Pink Realm

she lives in a pink realm
soft edges
ephemeral borders
skin transparent to energy tender
fluttering friends

her pink sky 
filled with the sweet scent of lilies

yes she lives in a pink realm
that holds true to a soft heart
that sings purely

this piece started with a sketch I shared with you a couple of weeks ago:

I colored her face with prismacolor pencils 
I love doing that

then I cut her out of the page
and prepared a 7"x16" piece of plywood with bits of colored paper, napkins and paint:

for the first time I coated the piece with beeswax
oh how i love 
yes LOVE
the scent of beeswax
plus it makes for a soft realm:

 though the very first photo in this post is the completed piece
from that photo it is hard to see the texture and softness that these side views show


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May 19, 2011

Earthling Waterling

 In my last post, I shared the original sketch for these pieces
with a poem about how a sketch is the beginning  of a dream. 
I took that sketch and made two very different pieces.

Earthling Waterling

one life a mermaid
one life a modern gal
dwelling in the water world
walking on the earth
waves and wind caressing elements
simply being with what is

 This modern gal is done with prismacolor pencils and a Faber Castell Pitt pen,
6"x12" Nature Sketch Pad 130 LB..

The Mermaid piece is done with watercolor pencils and crayons,
11"x14" Canson Britol Smooth, 100 LB.


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original sketch:

May 14, 2011


beginning of a dream
not always what it seems
a vision grows
as lines flow
a vision not yet complete

decided to draw doll like ladies
something new

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May 8, 2011

Knowing Heart for Sunday Sketches

there is a natural knowing
in the heart of a mother
to let love live
in her children
love is passed on to her children
lives on 
in their blood
in their heart
through the knowing
heart of a mother

I wish everyone a lovely Mother's Day

for everyone
has a mother

I bought some Lyra 'skin tone' pencils. 
I love how different choices of color 
are inspiring in new ways. 

I must share with you a mother that I saw in the wilds of Montana last week:

Tall Tree

Black bear mama denning in this tree with her two cubs:

Mama, where are you going?
I think I will follow you:

 the little bear did not follow, but any day now.

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