Aug 28, 2015

Newfangled Skirt

my friend, Elaine
gave me some beautiful fabric

i think this is a mix of cotton and silk
so soft and yummy

i cut it this way and that
hoping to piece together a skirt

wanting to hand stitch with thick thread

using no zipper
made it loose enough to slide on 
and cinch up with a belt

It was a wonderful project
for these ongoing smokey days
due to SO many fires 

it is said the fires will not go out 
until the snow arrives
quenches their thirst

often my road looks like this:

now it is looking like this:


Aug 24, 2015

Sketch Book Drawings

a glimpse into recent sketches

simple drawings 

splashed with watercolor
and pencil

does one resonate with you
more than the others?

lovely week to you 

Aug 21, 2015

DC: tiny

a tiny home
amongst vibrant life
by last weeks painting:

It was fun to pick up needles and thread

when i did
two sentries appeared
to hold the tiny world in their embrace:

the back:

within the forests embrace
wild love beauty and grace

It is my pleasure to host this weeks DC 
with the prompt: tiny

please visit my artful friends
to see how they were inspired:

Aug 17, 2015

New DC: tiny


this coming weekend
August 22-23
i am hosting our new DC (drawing challenge)
our theme will be:


share any form of art, writing, photography, 
whatever you dream up

let me know in the comments if you would like to join us

lovely week to you all