Jul 26, 2020

Summer Fruits

summer, her favored season 
she loves gathering flowers to cheer her home
fruit for meals, holy cuisine

earth is green, mountains stand strong
listening to the heat of summer 
inspiring growth in all life


Jul 22, 2020

She Met a Fairy

she stood quite still
hoping the fairy would come near
and whisper in her ear


The fairy said: 
when you blow out that candle let it's light pour into your heart.

Jul 9, 2020


So pleased with herself
walking across the river on a log

as the years pass by
she tries more and more new things

Jul 3, 2020

Bird Tales

She listened
as the wee bird told stories from the forest

stories of the fawn that pranced through
and where the mushrooms grew

the bird told about the squirrel that stole the swallows eggs
about the snail eggs that were growing along the waters edge

It sang from dawn to dusk
about the life its lived and things its seen

I have been drawing birds on hands for years
I wonder if doing so is what inspired this
interaction to actually happen?!

It is a sweet sharing, makes my heart sing.

I take it quite seriously, like caring for a pet.
I do not walk out the door without a pouch of seed on me.
It is not a good feeling when the little feathered friends land on a branch next to me
making their teeny sound which mean:
seed please
Then patiently waits for me to pull seed out of the pouch and it then descends to my finger tips

wishing you magic in your days and in your dreams