Sep 30, 2014

Invitation for D.C. challenge: Swoon

take flight

she wanted to fly to the heavens
maybe sit on the moon
be with the stars that twinkle in the sky
laugh with the heavens and swoon

yet it was not time for that flight
the rooted trees held firm to her
the task was set
open to the earthly plane
allow it to permeate her soul

I am the host for drawing challenge this weekend
and invite you to join us 
October 4th and 5th
to share anything that is inspired by the word 
and it's meaning:


with the piece above i use swoon; to admire, be ecstatic
still there are more meanings
i look forward to your sharing
whether it be food, photography, art of some sort
writing, it is up to you

please let me know in the comments if you would like to join in
so that i can add you in the links come this Friday

I would so enjoy your company!

Thank you Ariane of Rose for organizing our 
Drawing Challenges!

Sep 26, 2014

Part Fairy

I met a little girl
walking along an autumn forest

her voice some human
 some fairy
I said:
I think you are part fairy

she replied:
I know I am

bits of her words were entirely human and English
others flew away before I could hear them
it was as though they were carried off by butterfly wings
words laced with music, lyrical


the autumn forest:


Sep 20, 2014

DC: Second Hand

morning sketch
I usually draw from my imagination
it was fun to sketch from my yard

 treasures can be found second hand
broken in
wonderfully worn
full of life's spirit

yesterday i was given this bench
(thank you Annie and Charlie!)
it's seat boards aged with life

i cleared a spot for it along my pond
raking the grasses with the copper 'second hand' rake

a place to sit
to sketch
to be
to sip
to chat with friends

a glimpse of the pond through
lovely details

the view from the bench
on this beautiful autumn morning
Sweet Equinox to you!
Happy Autumn too!


Sep 12, 2014


body spirit soul


 i am loving this photo

from my recent camping trip to Upper Grinnell Lake
Many Glacier Montana


Sep 7, 2014

Fox and Friend

 the wee fox sat
in conversation
with his friend
who wandered the spiral path

this bolete grew on my lawn this week
a wee squirrel came and took it away
i wish i had seen that

for my squirrels are tiny
twice as big as this edible fungi

sweet Sunday and beyond to you!