Dec 11, 2010

Niro of the Butterfly Clan

Niro Niro
who are you
eyes of green
inner vision too
wings that whisper
a true voice
pulsing with the beat of life
you have won my contemplation
wanting to find your location
jot your tale
the Butterfly Clan
share your magic
with the folk of our land

the sketch:


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Dec 4, 2010

Star Princess and Her Pinnacles ~

of her crown
inspired her awareness
to the heavens
her thoughts
making the world
exquisite freedom

4"x5" St. Armand Watercolor Paper

I have not done much tiny art, 4x5 seems tiny to me. 
I enjoyed it very much and I can see that I will do more!
This paper is a bit fragile and inspires lines to be accurate the first time
as erasing wears away at the surface.
This is very good for attention and presence with each stroke of the pencil.
Good practice for a person who uses erasers QUITE freely, such as myself. Ha

Lynne, dear lady,
again I thank you for this lovely paper!

Yesterday, I received a wonderful drawing by the talented and lovely hearted
Amalia K. She was raising money for the people of her country
who suffered in a horrible earthquake and then tsunami.
I was fortunate to purchase her amazing art,

Sow Your Own Light

You will be pleased if you visit Amalia's blog, enjoying her depth of sharing and gorgeous and creative art!

Visit her at Translucent Blue
Art Memoirs


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