Sep 26, 2023

Open and Receive


He stepped from the autumn woods
to find her
offering golden light


Feels so good to complete a painting.
I started this in July
life had some other plans for me, besides painting.

Now I get to start another painting, wahoo

I hope you are all enjoying our new season.
There is something about the thresholds of seasons,
the air holds a different energy
two seasons greeting one another
dancing back and forth. 
A heightened sense of life perhaps. 

Here in NW Montana 
it feels as though we have truly entered autumn, 
summer has vanished.

Lovely autumn to you!

Painting available here.

Sep 1, 2023

Forest Bathing


Portraying a feeling of forest bathing

layers and layers like veils inspire the experience of feeling the endless realms available to us

even within us

for sale here