Oct 25, 2020

In Her Happy Place

 in her happy place


I couldn't get the scanner to get accurate colors with this painting.

A photo did better. 

It is in a art journal and I risked it and painted this on a page that I really like the painting on the other side.

Lucky that both pieces survived the wet watercolor layers. 

here it is before the painting:


Our autumn has turned snowy! 

With zero F this morning! 

3 weeks of glorious warm autumn days

and bam, autumn snow! 

It is quite beautiful!

I can feel the spirit of hibernation beginning to overtake me. 

I kind of like it. 



Oct 19, 2020

Forest Bathing


Under the big round moon, cuddled up to the tree, she opened her energy to meld with forest and light. A peaceful and rooted stance, healing and vital.


Oct 17, 2020

Soul Witch


The broom flew all over the universe in search of it's soul witch. 

For a broom without a witch is a sad thing indeed. 

Perhaps you know a witch who has not found it's soul broom?




Oct 16, 2020

Sliding through the Woods


With her wand in hand, she summons a breeze to take her through the trees. 

Please forgive me for posting a Christmas like image this early in the year ;-).





Oct 6, 2020

Our Magical World


A landscape I would love to wander into. 

I would like to send this off to one of you, the original.

If you would enjoy it tacked to your wall, let me know in a comment. I will randomly choose someone on October 13th.
Just say: me please.... or something like that in your comment.

(Nearly 5x7 inch. It does have a tiny bend in the bottom corner).
Also, it is also open to people on IG and FB. 
Give Away Closed, Winner is Acacia from IG

Oct 5, 2020



Before the realm of earth, her kin lives as orbs on another realm. 
She visits with them daily.

For years I have been joining Inktober

it is a wonderful inspiration for me to do daily art

here I am joining in again.

Round and round and round she goes.
Meditation for her prose.
Walking on the colorful stones.
The labyrinth brings her to her inner star. 



Slowly I hope to catch up with posting them all here. 


Thank you for your visit. 

Lovely autumn to you!