Jan 29, 2016

DC: Shinrin Yoku, Forest Bathing

as the birds flew over
the thick forest 

looking down and among the trees

they spied
a wee fairy bathing
in her mushroom pool

my ponds have been frozen all winter
today i spied 
5 of the 6 koi where fresh water enters the pond

their entire life is about 
forest bathing

bathing under the canopy of trees
bathing in the water at the ankles of the forest

amazing how they slow down
basically meditate
for winter

Thank you Veronica 
for hosting 
with a wonderful theme:

visit her fabulous blog to find other art for this theme

Jan 27, 2016

Daily Art

 she, an elf
with a lovely spirit
appeared in my tiny art journal
watercolors and pencil

this will be the cover of a small sketch book 
or note book for a friend

 fun putting watercolor to paper 
in shapes and lines
quite meditative


Jan 22, 2016

DC: Reef

they had their first kiss
amongst a coral reef

a kiss that would bless all the waters

Thank you Katrin of Fische Frauen for being out host!
visit her blog to find the other participants. 


Jan 21, 2016

Tree Being

the other day 
i sketched this piece
thinking it a whimsical tree
the next day i woke with a neck ache that felt like my neck was broken

about 6 weeks ago
i was driving the highway at night
at 65 MPH my car spun out on black ice
car was totalled
my neck snapped hard to the side and then the other
smashing into the window
i was so lucky to walk away unbroken
but still lots of continuing issues with my bones

i thought it so interesting that i drew this
 the next day i needed my hands to hold my head up 
so as not to experience the pain

wonderful how aware our instincts can be so accurate


Jan 18, 2016

Creative Tuesdays: heart in the air

she put her entire heart
into her art
of sprinkling hearts
beautiful earth
for she is a love fairy

sharing with :

visit them to see what others created with 
hearts in the air
thank you for hosting Michael

Jan 15, 2016

DC: Rhythm

she rested
until her grace flowed

all the rhythms of the universe
as well as the tiny
impalpable rhythms flowed through her being
and then

all the magic of the world
became hers


i just found this music
if you are in the mood for a fabulous song
overflowing with rhythm:

Visit Veronica's wonderful blog
to find others sharing for: rhythm

thank you for being our generous and lovely host this week!

Jan 9, 2016


i hear them
singing in the trees
the pine grosbeak
such a lovely sound

last year they came to my feeders
they are such a lovely splash of color in winter wonderland

also a peak at a sketchbook page:

Lovely weekend to you

Jan 5, 2016

Under the Cloak of the Moon

my blog friend Maureen wondered if the gnome from the last post/painting lowered the mushroom 
cap over himself at night
making him truly invisible

which inspired the above painting

he does! 
look at that, the cap has cloaked all but his boots
under the light of the moon, stars
and gown of the universe of deep blues
this was the first painting: 

with all his heart
he believed:

I am 

he took delight 
in being
 part of the hidden realm

thank you for the inspiration Evergreen Mo
it was fun letting your message inspire the next piece
inspiring me to play with story through images
sweet dreams to you all

Jan 4, 2016

Mushroom Gnome

with all his heart
he believed:

I am 

he took delight 
in being
 part of the hidden realm

one never knows what they might spy
under a wee fungi

Jan 3, 2016

Daily Book or Evening Sketches

recently i was considering
: daily sketchbooks
i have called these drawings: evening sketches
but have not done them daily
so i pulled out a sketchbook Marta gave me 4 years ago.

for: daily sketches

Some might reflect my life, as a written journal might. 
Though maybe not......
snowflakes have been falling and the lady above is wearing mittens....

Below a snowflake photo i took on the first day of our new year:

wishing you a magical 2016!