Oct 27, 2014

Little Brother

this one is still talking to me
why is there a little bear on her hand?

maybe because there is evidence of bears in our woods

yes, perhaps the little bear appeared in my art because they are
in my real life

Oct 24, 2014

DC: Dress

oh how i love dresses
they have tangible spirit
inspire movement, dance

i am a bit smitten 
with ink drawings too

to color 
or not to color
each time


this painting is reminding me of a time
when i hand washed my cashmere sweaters
and hung them in the woods

perhaps this is where the idea came from:

lovely Patrice is hosting DC this week
she chose the theme: dress
do visit her blog to find others inspired by dress

thank you Patrice!

Oct 18, 2014

What's Under a Witches Hat?

have you ever wondered
what is under that pointy hat
why does she wear 
a hat like that

well she is full
to overflowing
with the wonders of life
that is what tuning in is like
I think it might be good to ask for witches to remove their hats
so that the beauty within will rain down on us ;-)

it started with a page too big for my scanner of witches
in the bottom right corner this idea flowed in

and then the first sketch:

the owl is because of the owl that landed near my pond this week:

and then it jumped in!
So I continue to remember it's beautiful presence and it enters my art


I am sharing with Alexandra's Sunday Sketches 

Oct 15, 2014


she knows who she is

this week i had a unique experience
i saw a big swoosh through the air, a great gray owl landed on a tree, then here on the ground, a second later it was in the pond, then up in the trees.... 
so cool to see it sitting on the ground and then jump in the water!
the photo was taken from inside and through a glass window:

Oct 13, 2014

Spirit of the Season....

 tis the season

look who came to visit:

this is the sketch that inspired the painting:

are you in the mood for a little Halloween or Samhain art?
I would love to see yours!

Oct 11, 2014

Cookies cookies Cookies; DC

would you like a cookie
would you like a cookie
would you like a cookie
maybe a cuppa tea

this is how i started:

lovely Stefanie is our DC host this week
and she chose the fun theme: Cookie

visit her blog to see art from other cookie artists

thank you Stefanie!

Oct 7, 2014

Autumn Embrace

wishing you
an autumn embrace
that is perfect
i have been finding mushrooms in trees
i love that!

Oct 3, 2014

DC challenge: Swoon

I did this series of ink sketches with the same theme
a woman escaping feelings of sadness and pain
wanting what she thought would bring her good feelings
and thus the word 'swoon'  arose

this is the poem that inspired the drawings:

take flight

she wanted to fly to the heavens
maybe sit on the moon
be with the stars that twinkle in the sky
laugh with the heavens and swoon

yet it was not time for that flight
the rooted trees held firm to her
the task was set
open to the earthly plane
allow it to permeate her soul

it is always interesting for me to do more than one piece on a similar theme
if you feel comfortable sharing:

do you like one of the drawings more than the others?
can you tell me why?
I hope you had fun with this theme!

this weekend
please visit our friends who are sharing art for 'Swoon':

thank you Ariane for inspiring us to share in Drawing Challenge!

if you would like to join in
let me know in the comments and i will add you to the list