May 23, 2010

Innocent Depth

Spring is such a wonderful time
our mountains are thick and lush
wearing a garment of green and flowers
skies are dramatic and endlessly changing
with clouds and blue
rain and snow
today held a Sunday drive
dancing to live music
fantastic meals
a walk in nature
I hope all of you had a wonderful weekend too


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wonderful art!

May 21, 2010


it's oh so early to post this
she's not completely drawn
yet in her early stages
there is hints of what's to dawn

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May 16, 2010

Sunday Sketches

I decided to take Suzi Blu's: Goddess and Poet class. 
This past week I drew faces of ladies, one after the other, 
all with eyes that are heavy lidded.
So different from the eyes I had been drawing.
This drawing will be painted.....
at some point.

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Eva at Angel Pearls,
was celebrating the followers on her blog and I won a lovely prize!
A handmade brooch
with a freshwater pearl in the center.
Thank you Eva!


This week, a friend and I went east of the Rockies.
The day was gloriously beautiful, you can see some photos on my other blog
I will share something here, that I have not shared over there...

a black bear eating flowers!

May 8, 2010

Mica of the Butterfly Clan

For 6 weeks I have enjoyed sharing a drawing for Sunday Sketches.
The support, encouragement, new friendships
are wonderful!
I have had some wonderful correspondence about what I have shared being more
a drawing than a sketch.
Being new at drawing I pondered why I was finding sketching
more intimidating than a drawing. 
I was able to draw, meaning lots of pencil work and LOTS of erasing,
eventually I could form something that I enjoyed seeing. 
A sketch to me felt like a wonderful expression,
with few lines, that presented an idea, leaning towards something complete.
Very intimidating. 
I had the thought that some sketches are like a haiku poem
perfect with in a few simple lines. 

Last week an idea presented itself,
a clan of beings with ears like butterflies.....
the sketch:

I could not stop with the sketch.
Introducing Mica of the Butterfly Clan.
Since he is of the Butterfly Clan, it is my sense that there will be more drawings of clan members and most likely a story to go along (eventually).

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wishing you a lovely weekend,
Happy Mother's Day~


May 1, 2010

Young Man

This week I found myself craving to work from photos or actual people.
I want to see how light and shadows 
bring a person to our sight,
my imagination is not quite good enough to do this- yet

I found a photo from my childhood
a young man I dated (blush and smile),
I have not been in touch with him for 30 years.

The amazing thing is
I can feel his spirit in this,
drawing is becoming entirely fascinating to me.

A few days ago, a frightening thing happen, 
I spilled wine on my laptop! 
I tipped the computer over to pour the wine off and the screen went black. 
It seemed I killed it! 
Yes it is backed up.... but still this little Apple computer is expensive. 
My photography business Spirithelpers is on it,
both blogs, my website, calendar, address book, music, poetry
well you get it. 

I sat it in front of a heater. I took it up to the loft, the hottest place when the wood stove is going in this wee cabin.  I let it dry out.
The next day, the 4th try and it started up! 
It works!
I feel thankful and happy. Whew!

So today at a thrift store I found a old coffee table for $5. 
Perhaps handmade and of oak, my favorite tree if one can have a favorite tree. 
I brought it home and stripped the funky finish off it, materials $25. 
I think it is wonderful:

The point to this story is,
drinks on the coffee table, not the computer table!
Do you see my friends in the background?

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