Oct 29, 2011

Amarilli A. and Sunday Sketches

on a warm autumn day
i sat at the lake shore
and the above is what I made
now, i am thinking i might make a coloring book 
for children at Christmas

further on:

lake rocks:

Recently I discovered an Italian artist; Amarilli A. 
her art is wonderful and diverse. 
I wandered about her website: Amarilli A.
and her: Facebook page
enjoying her art!

She is having an awesome giveaway on 11.12.11
you have to answer: 
“which work made by me (Amarilli) do you like most and why? “
she will choose the winner of her 'original' art
by the answer she loves.

I love this piece:

her eyes.... hold the magic and wisdom of more than our world
her hair reminds me of my mothers and is feminine and wild all at once
though she sits in a calm graceful way, her tail hints at wildness we can only imagine
Amarilli, all else feels ethereal to me
and full of feeling 
I love how you do this with simplicity of colors

I have to say it was hard picking one piece of art over others
because I am drawn to so many of her arts!

Treat yourself to a visit to Amarilli A.'s website and facebook page and maybe enter 
your give away yourself!


To enjoy others wonderful artists
visit Sophia's Sunday Sketches!


  1. Love your sketch and the picture from Amarilli! Thanks for sharing! Valerie

  2. Going right over to have a look, a coloring book is a good idea for sure. have a great day.

  3. Lovely sketches by you. A coloring book is a great idea.
    Thank you for the link I will head over and take a look. It is drawn on my birthday! Maybe that's a sign!! Although the reason you like that painting by her is truly beautiful, how could anyone write a more soulful reason for liking a painting than that.
    Wishing you a lovely day Tammie.

  4. What a beautiful piece! I love how you made the branches frame her. :)

  5. ...pencil in hand ~ will follow the heart beat ~ radiant shining flowing lines become a vision from the mind's eye ~ one never knows where the next story will take you! ~ gentle blessings ~ sister of the world!...
    ...i bequeath a sonnet for thee...

  6. Oh your sketch is beautiful Tammie. I was looking at Amarilli piece you showcased and was admiring it when I notice she has a tail :)

  7. Great idea about the colouring book. YOur girls make great subjects!

    Don't those rocks look like art in themselves?

  8. peaceful sketch you did at the lakeshore! Hope you win Amarilli's art!

  9. Your girl is lovely, Tammie. LOVE her dress and can't wait to see her it colour. Happy SS! :)

  10. Sketch is excellent ~ love her! Well done! ~ fun! ~~ thanks, namaste, CArol (Share the Creative Journey) Happy SS ^_^

  11. I love the graceful way the branches make up the border in your picture.

  12. Anonymous10/30/2011

    It will be great to do the coloring book!
    Hope to see you!!
    Thanks for sharing beautiful images and sensations.
    A friend hug.

  13. i love the sketch - and a coloring book is a great idea! kids love those! enjoy your sunday!

  14. Your sketch is beautiful and you're right, it would make a great coloring book page.

    Thanks for the link to the other artist.

  15. How are you dearest Tammie? A coloring book is a wonderful idea. Those rocks are gorgeous. I enjoy meeting new illustrators. Have a great week.

  16. Creating a coloring book is a marvelous idea...you are an inspiration....I love seeing the bugs to color....

  17. i LOVE this drawing from your lake time. she is soooo pretty! xox

  18. Yay! How beautiful! I love your coloring book..fabulous my friend!
    And wow..love the artist..she is wonderful..I'll have to check out her site!
    happy day!

  19. would love to see it in colour!!

  20. Sounds like a beautiful and quiet time to draw lakeside.
    Love your line work. A coloring book is a great idea!
    I'm a bit late but joining the sunday sketch hop.

    And love thhe colors in the artist's work you mentioned.

  21. Thanks for sharing your sketch... the composition is great and line quality superb. I like the photos of the process and the rocks.

    I will definitely check out Amarilli's website.

  22. I love absolutely everything about this composition and the fun 'work in progress' photos. The limbs with their tiny leaves are my favorite part. As I write this comment I can also see the lovely Autumn Moon post which is simply gorgeous.

  23. A personalised colouring book as a gift is just a super idea. I also like the work you shared of the artist I may have to have a wonder to her site. Dxx

  24. What a lovely idea, the sketch is great! Thank you for the links.It looks very exciting and I am off to look now.

  25. Anonymous10/31/2011

    Great idea, Tammie.

  26. This is such a lovely sketch, so peaceful!~

  27. Oooh! I LOVE the idea of a coloring book! She is absolutely lovely, xo

  28. Your drawing is delightful, and I love the thought of you sketching by the lake. That must be so peaceful, and it seeps into your art too.

    Thanks for the introduction to Amarilli A! Beautiful art!

  29. So wonderful! Both what you have painted and what Amarilli has made! :)

    I love the one below, with the moon! :)

  30. I think a coloring book for children would be wonderful, Tammie! What a fabulous idea. Thank you for introducing us to this lovely new artist, too.


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