Jul 31, 2015

Cherry Picking

with a friend
 cherry picking is fun
cherry season is almost over around here
they have been so delicious!

and other paintings in the shop

tiny art

sharing with Paint Party Friday

Jul 27, 2015

Chakras Aligned

in mountain pose
she stood
with mountains spirits filling her being
grounded with crown in the heavens

awake with chakras
spirit and soul
as central lover

depth an
endless exploration

for the first time i noticed that the colors that represent 
our chakras
are in the same order as a rainbow

Jul 18, 2015

A Watcher

a watcher with wings
in stillness 
she may appear

an in-between stage:
 sharing with Alexandra's:
Sunday Sketches

Jul 13, 2015

SOC, Final week: Orange, Orange and Blue

she took the sunset to heart
until she became a part
of the oranges and blues

here is a review of the other 5 weeks:



this is the final week of Summer of Color
thank you for hosting 
and inspiring 
our art Kristin!


Jul 9, 2015

Her Cup

her cup
runneth over
full of joy
aqua waters flowing

sharing some spotted friends that come to play around my ponds:


Jul 6, 2015

SOC: green green pink: Meditating Man

he sat
in the shade of the tree
he sat 
in the center of his being
he sat
bathing in soul light

week 5 of Summer of Color
time flies!

Jul 1, 2015

Fairies and Elves

recently i sketched these faces
then over a week colored them

 some of them changed quite a bit from the sketch

 each face is about 1 inch square
not always easy to add the details
which can effect change

little characters
perhaps fairies and elves

primitive girls