Feb 28, 2017

Cabin: for Scribble Picnic

home sweet home

This weeks theme for Scribble picnic: Cabin

I pretty much did a portrait of my home life,
except that it is still seriously winter here. 

they ended up in the painting of my wee cabin.

(see side bar to see my home)

Thank you for hosting Michael

Feb 23, 2017

Flowers in Her Hair

She watched the children playing
enjoying their playful exuberance

I wonder if I am thinking of spring




Feb 21, 2017

Hare and Friend

she laid down her wings
to hop
like a bunny


Ok, so we don't see her wings laying down
we don't see her hopping
but those are the words that came


more than a face for 29 Faces


Feb 18, 2017

AC: Tropics

in the midst of winter
she dreamed of drumming
to the rhythms of the tropics

first came the ink drawing:

is our host this week for Art Challenge
her theme: Tropics
visit her blog to enjoy posts inspired by Tropic


Feb 16, 2017

for 29 Faces

she looked off into the future
with wisdom from the past
her vision was full of deep knowing



Feb 14, 2017

Happy Valentine's Day

sending love
to our planet
all life 
on it

this is a painting I did last year
thought I would share it again 
to say 

Happy Valentine's day!


plus a Montana heart rock

for you


Feb 9, 2017

Bubble Gum Machiine

place a pretty penny 
in the silver slot

from the portal
a fairy will fly

to give you
a merry dance

then freedom will be hers


This was inspired by Michael's 
Creative Tuesday Prompt: bubble gum machine

I did not complete it in time

so I am sharing 3 more faces for 29 Faces


Feb 8, 2017

Fairy Clan

I think she has invisible wings
me sense she is of the fairy clan 

after the big snow storm 


blue skies


a view to fall in love with


sharing with 29 Faces



Feb 7, 2017

Earth Lady

a little lady for 

 our big storm seems to have past
I think i got around 30 inches of snow

the clouds parted and sunlight and blue sky were here today
so beautiful with the fresh snow


Feb 6, 2017

Green Feather

this little guy is so happy with his
green feather

we are in the midst of a big snow storm
I think we have gotten 26 inches
in the past 2.5 days
one more day to go

that means the world is beautiful
lots of plowing and shoveling snow

a crazy amount of snow on my roof!

a body came along with his face

Feb 5, 2017

29 Faces

deep in thought

scarves 9 months of the year
in NW Montana!

sharing with 29 Faces


Feb 3, 2017

AC: Pillow

over the years I have made a few of these sweet little heart pillows

they are lovely on a Christmas tree
or hanging in a window
could be sweet for the upcoming holiday

a bit of silk ribbon embroidery
a bit of bead work  

maybe the next one will be a different shape

when our dear Stephanie
chose pillow for our inspiration

well does the above ever happen to you?
feathers coming through the pillow and poking you when you are trying to sleep?
maybe my pillow is too old..... 

visit Stephanies charming blog this weekend 
to see what others have created for our theme:

Thank you for hosting Stephanie!

Feb 2, 2017

A Glimpse


This is just a glimpse of a face
but a bit is there
and I am joining 29 Faces
for February
it is hosted by: Ayala Art
Go there to see faces from people all over the world!