Oct 29, 2011

Amarilli A. and Sunday Sketches

on a warm autumn day
i sat at the lake shore
and the above is what I made
now, i am thinking i might make a coloring book 
for children at Christmas

further on:

lake rocks:

Recently I discovered an Italian artist; Amarilli A. 
her art is wonderful and diverse. 
I wandered about her website: Amarilli A.
and her: Facebook page
enjoying her art!

She is having an awesome giveaway on 11.12.11
you have to answer: 
“which work made by me (Amarilli) do you like most and why? “
she will choose the winner of her 'original' art
by the answer she loves.

I love this piece:

her eyes.... hold the magic and wisdom of more than our world
her hair reminds me of my mothers and is feminine and wild all at once
though she sits in a calm graceful way, her tail hints at wildness we can only imagine
Amarilli, all else feels ethereal to me
and full of feeling 
I love how you do this with simplicity of colors

I have to say it was hard picking one piece of art over others
because I am drawn to so many of her arts!

Treat yourself to a visit to Amarilli A.'s website and facebook page and maybe enter 
your give away yourself!


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visit Sophia's Sunday Sketches!

Oct 27, 2011

Autumn Moon

the moon and woman
in silent communion
found deep intimacy
open and gracious

yea, my firewood pile is growing
i'm like a squirrel preparing for winter:
to enjoy paintings by wonderful artists, visit:

Oct 16, 2011


feeling her watery depths
as she blended 
with her world

this is the cover of an art journal I made following:

it was fairly easy and fast to make

art was made with
colored pencils then using a blending marker
and some watercolor paint

Oct 9, 2011

She became a new Season ~

autumn's soft breeze
became a new season

Last night Bill and Rick brought me autumn's harvest from their amazing organic garden.


Your veggies vibrate with life!

thank you !


Oct 1, 2011

Mystic Faery

when one meets
a mystic faery
sitting on an autumn toadstool
one steps from the mundane realm
enlivened by rarefied potential
even air is mystical
nurishing the realm of living
be so lucky
when yea wander
to come upon
this treasured creature

this is where mystic faery came to me

sitting in this wooden chair
enjoying autumn's warm glory
yea, no biting bugs!


the sketch:

I shared two different views above, it is a bit sparkly and I could not portray it accurately,
it is somewhat like the first two photographs.

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Sending you light Sophia
today and always