Jan 25, 2014

DC & SS: Crystal

 dancing with crystals

I have a hard time erasing pencil lines, does that happen to you?
I think i am drawing light...
time to do the pencil test that a blog friend shared with me!

winter's crystals are precious to me
they are often born through the night
a morning delight

all conditions must be just right
for their temporary appearance

the forest becomes an enchanted place
and the tiniest breeze 
has crystals drifting through the air

Norma from The Fairy Yellow Bug Queen is our host 
of DC this week
Her prompt is: Crystal

thank you Norma!
also sharing with Sunday Sketches!

Jan 22, 2014


i followed along with Mark Crilley's
YouTube: how to draw Chilbi L video

it was so interesting how he began with two circles and a few lines

I enjoyed it so much that i had to try again,
in my style:

then i had to do another one:


Jan 17, 2014

D.C. #125: Numen, Jan. 18-19

imbued by numen of winter
depth and stillness call to her

sitting tall
assisting energy to flow from her earth into her heavens
hibernating bear
a conduit of unending chi
mate to her reverie
treat yourself to visit our wonderful friends
inspired by: numen;
the spirit or divine power presiding over a place or thing


thinking about guardian spirits
divine presence
of magical powers residing in places
has inspired a landscape:

Jan 14, 2014

Painting Landscapes, Magical Lands

layers and layers of paint
blending colors as they call to me
lands are born on paper

considering the spirit of a place
the 'numen'
which is this coming weekends DC (drawing challenge)

if you would like to join us
let me know in the comments of this post 
or the one before
so that i can include your blog's link

Jan 12, 2014

DC #125: numen

the spirit or divine power presiding over a thing or place
some call it a guardian spirit
I have always enjoyed the spirit of rocks
(Montana has such beautiful rocks, like the pastel ones above)

also known as:
divine presence
referring to the idea of magical power residing in an object or place

or hinting at spirit in art
is one of my favorite things to do:

consider the spirit of a birthday cake:

when we pause to feel, sense, mingle with the numen in life
whether in a forest, beach, home, flower or stone
it is my sense that we quiet, 
deepen our stance, listen, feel
become present,
our life force expands
the spirit of life is more tangible,
intimacy is born
please join me this coming weekend
January 18-19th 
to post something in the spirit of the word: Numen
let me know in the comments and I will include your link 
for others to visit you!

I look forward to seeing how you are inspired!

Jan 9, 2014

Baby Dashiel

I received a Christmas card with a photo of this darling baby boy
on it

before I knew it I was sketching away.

of course his cap was a solid tan color

I could not help but add our beautiful world to it
Usually I do not attempt to draw real people. 
I enjoyed giving it a try. 
I think I made him look a bit older....

Monday, I will announce the DC theme for the weekend of January 18th-19
which I will be hosting
please stop by and see if you would like to join in
for Drawing Challenge # 125

Jan 4, 2014

Hoo Hoo

to an owl call
sounds like wisdom to us all
sitting still yet much to say
owls voice fills night and day
this is a piece i did long ago
yet never got shared on this blog

I have been away for a few weeks

left winter wonderland
to be with loved ones in a land that felt like summer
have returned to a snowy realm


wishing you a 2014 that feels wonderful to you!