Nov 27, 2016

Golden Book

reading the golden book
of all the Christmas blessings
sprinkled on earth
by angels before her



Nov 24, 2016

Tattoo Elf

A customer saw one of my Christmas Elf's and asked if I could do her
holding a tattoo gun.

Her she is ready to make your dream tattoo for you

wink wink


original in the shop

Happy Thanksgiving to one and all. 
I am thankful for your kinship here in blogland!

Nov 18, 2016

AC: Sanctuary

she finds sanctuary
in the heart of her being

she finds sanctuary
in the quiet stance and strength of stones

she finds sanctuary
in the air all life breathes

she finds sanctuary
in all living beings

dear Veronica is our host for this: Art Challenge
her choice for us: Sanctuary

Visit Veronica's to enjoy how 'sanctuary' inspired others


Nov 15, 2016


this autumn it has rained
and sprinked

at the moment it is pouring rain!

such a great environment for mushrooms to fruit up 
through the crust of our earth

I adore finding them, seeing them, learning about them
lately drawing and painting them

tonight it will freeze and that will stop most mushrooms from popping up. 
Mushroom season is coming to an end. 
I hope you enjoy my little mushrooms


Nov 12, 2016

Art Challenge: Winter Salon

deep in a California forest
land of moss and rain
there was a winter party going on
the fungi gathered 
to dance and chatter

one of them said: can you imagine living in a Montana forest
earth frozen and cloaked in snow
we could not fruit until spring

all the more reason to gather and celebrate life

winter Salon is our theme this week
offered by our lovely friend Stefanie

I did not know what it meant
I think it is a lovely idea to gather, visit, share and ponder
with one another

Thank you for being our host Stefanie!


Nov 7, 2016

Deer Woman

wandering through the woods
i met a hunter
he was looking for a buck
good thing my antlers were invisible


Nov 4, 2016

Art Challenge

every day she listens to the birds
wind in the trees
fungi rising through the earth
watched the flowers  sway
for they are her teachers
they fill her mind with wisdom
heart with joy


this summer cousin Laura visited
we walked my woods and found interesting mushrooms
so here I am studying them
most my days are filled with some sort of schooling in nature
it brings me vitality

i wish all schooling would bring vitality to it's students!

So nice to have another Art challenge happening.
Thank you Ariane for hosting with our theme:
Visit Ariane's to see other wonderful posts for our theme!

Nov 2, 2016

Tree Pose

like a tree
she stands
swaying a bit
in a star filled breeze


last night the sun poured through a break in the clouds
illuminating a patch of forest