Dec 25, 2015

My Sister as a Fairy

my lovely sister 
asked to become a fairy
she loves horses and the sea
and one day this piece came together

she is such a lovely woman

wishing you all a lovely Christmas 
and each day beyond 

Dec 19, 2015

She Adores Rocks

love dearly i do

yesterday i noticed snow draped over a rock
and thought the snow loves rocks as much as i do

instantly this painting came to me

so fun how inspiration rises 

Dec 16, 2015

Tree Fairy

the tiny tree won her heart
cloaked in fresh winter snow

today we got 4 more inches of snow
a true winter wonderland 


Dec 12, 2015

Cloud Maker

she danced on her toes
spinning among swirling branches
it was her joy
and destiny
to be
cloud maker

Dec 4, 2015

Beyond the Log Cabin Walls: DC: Threshold

she stood at the threshold
before stepping out
feeling into the essence of the world
allowing her breath
to meet the sway of the trees
the depth and height of the mountains
her heart to beat 
to the song of the birds
felt her kinship with the world
she stepped out

it is lovely to be DC host this week
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