Apr 30, 2010

Beaded Bracelet, Spring Colors

Years ago I began beading this bracelet. 
To this day the colors thrill me. 

Have you ever thought about colors, 
how they move you, 
how they inspire you, 
how they sooth
or excite you?

I consider jewelry
of clothing
to be medicinal.

They support and inspire,
heal and nurture. 

Not just an adornment for the sake of decoration.
I am so happy that tonight I finished this piece
and can wear it!
I love the little dolphin clasps too~

Many of my artful friends took a peak at Anne's blog:
that I shared in my last post.
I decided to support her blog and explore the experience of doing a self portrait. 
If you would like to visit that post, please visit: Unconventional Beauties.
You may even like to join us with a post of your own. 
Who knows what gifts will be revealed in the process. 

Apr 13, 2010

Dreaming of Summer

recently a friend emailed a photo he took of me last summer
memories of:
the warmth of that day
the smell of the grass and clovers
our outdoor potluck
a stroll through the garden
inspired dreams of summer

also, to bath in the memory 
of that delicious feeling of laying on the earth
I sat down to make a drawing
surrounded my the music of my friends (Barnyard Riot) having band practice

today is gray
even snowflakes float by from time to time
plants attempt to grow
yet days are not warm enough
we are still in the tango between winter and spring
wishing you a lovely Spring!

photo by: Bill Boggs