Mar 31, 2016

Loving Linen

snowy winter days and nights
stitching beckoned

though these are details on the front of a purse/bag

I learned to love linen in a new way last summer

(photographed in this mornings soft light)
most of us have heard that
 on hot days
 loose linen garments are cooling
 to wear

last summer i experienced how true this is
air can move through loose natural fibers

plus linen feels like home
comfy, crisp but soft
alive yet cozy

I am not much of a seamstress
when i sew i find in the end i would have preferred to do things differently
such a math problem to make patterns as one goes

still i am enjoying this linen bag


Mar 28, 2016

CT: Easter Egg

holding her basket of colorful eggs
the spirit of spring in her heart
magic wand raised to bless new life
she closed her eyes
embodied prayer


sharing with
inspired by
Creative Tuesdays prompt:

a few days ago
a package arrived
in it was this magic wand
(hair stick)

*amazing rose oil*

so you can see
the wand made it into the painting above

thank you so much Havilland!

Mar 26, 2016

Whimsical Lucy

Lucy is staying with me for a few days

it has been grand wandering with her
we both like to explore who has passed by

i wish i knew what her nose knows!

she is much more regal than my sketch shows

we found our first mushrooms of the year
a true sign of spring

Lovely Weekend to you! 


Mar 23, 2016

Playing with Color

 little bear

I am taking Danielle Donaldson's Class:

we are playing with colors
so much fun

there is an art to mixing watery color 
not having it turn to mud

I haven't watched the lessons on doing her animals yet
but last night i drew and painted the little bear above

i think the spirit of the class is in my blood
that and 
wondering daily as to when our wild bears will wake up

I find it truly fun to play with colors

thank you Danielle!


Mar 11, 2016

Good Morning

greeting a new day


earlier this year, you might remember I created two gnome paintings (see below)

a friend asked if the gnome would be out from under the mushroom soon?

I said I wasn't sure.

he made a suggestion:
He is standing, his back to the viewer in a field of mushrooms, watching a sunrise

I took his suggestion

here are the two previous gnome paintings:

thanks for the inspiration Larry!

Mar 6, 2016

Honey Bee

this week i had an art patron tell me that sometimes her granddaughter is called "B"
that she has long blonde hair and wears colorful clothing

so all that inspired this piece
which is now in the shop


Mar 4, 2016

DC: Leap

was her favored way to travel
a bit like flying and dancing all at once

leaping across creeks has always been a joyful thing to do